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What Cheer Records

What Cheer Holiday Party Sunday

Head over to What Cheer Records and Vintage this Sunday for their 15th Annual Holiday Party. Food, drinks, sale, music! Performing holiday songs will be the one and only Emma Rome Corbin, and What Cheer’s Chris Daltry will play a few songs too. Sponsored by

We'll Meet Again

Colbert Report No More

University of Rhode Island alum Christiane Amanpour took part in the multifarious agglomeration of pols, celebs, and notables that filled the stage for the “We’ll Meet Again” singalong at the end of the final episode of “The Colbert Report.” (The Washington Post has a partial

Its a Wonderful Life

‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Starts At Cable Car

Go back in time to a mystical, magical land of angels and bank examiners. When the worst possible fate it was possible to imagine for a woman was to become an unmarried librarian. George Bailey (James Stewart) has the picture perfect life: a loving wife,

math the band

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Math the Band, Jeff Rosenstock, Gym Shorts, Providence Holiday Sax Choir  @Lupo’s, A Cry on Deaf Ears, Absence of Despair, Lies in Motion, Awaken the Tide, Recite the Raven @the Spot, Northeast Traffic, Milkbread, the Quins @Fête Lounge, Dr3am Eater, Young Pandas,

Thomas Dorr

Mail Ballots Are Vulnerable To Fraud

In today’s ProJo, Steven Frias — writer, lawyer, and Rhode Island’s Republican National Committeeman — suggests we need to tighten up the current mail ballot system. His analysis of the city’s last mayoral election makes for very interesting reading. The voting patterns in the South

girls rock! ri

Girls Rock! At The Columbus

(12.17) Musician, and Girls Rock! RI personage, Hilary Jones invites everyone to a special event today. Girls Rock! Rhode Island’s fall programming will culminate with a community concert on Wednesday December 17th at the Columbus Theatre upstairs, showcasing what participants have learned over the past

providence skyline

Providence Is #1

(12.17) Celebrate our #1 finish in the Travel + Leisure Favorite American Cities survey on Wednesday night at the Vets with local bands and food. The hell with Pawtucket shoving its National Park in our face — we’re brimming with New England charm and anyone

3D supplies

RISD Store 3D

If a hardware store mated with an art supply shop you would get the RISD Store 3D in the Bank Building at 27 North Main Street. Just looking around this place is a gas. (Surprised to see a Providence Daily Dose poster high on a


Proposed Opioid Regulations Are A Terrible Idea

Here’s a new wrinkle in the misguided war on drugs. Doctors and dentists have been looking over their shoulders a while now with nothing less than their licenses on the line. Now, in an effort to curb the abuse of prescription painkillers, state regulators want


Week In Music

Monday — @Dusk, Able Thought (record release party), the Stilts, Adjuncts, Beatco.Viamental @Psychic Readings, Sharks Come Cruisin, Tyler Daniel Bean, Oklahoma Car Crash, Tuesday — @Lupo’s, the Airborne Toxic Event, Robert DeLong, Panama Wedding, Forest Fires @the Met, the Get Right Band @Dusk,Viking Jesus, HerMajesty,

slater mill

Rhody Gets Its First National Park

According to the ProJo; Legislation to establish Rhode Island’s first national historical park passed the U.S. Senate Friday after approval in the House, so now it goes to President Obama to be signed into law, U.S. Sen. Jack Reed announced Friday. . . Reed, chairman

skies over milton

‘Skies Over Milton’ Starts Saturday At Granoff

Theater artists Katie Pearl and Lisa D’Amour invite the public to take a break from hectic holiday planning and shopping to contemplate pieces of the sky — a constellation of skies that stretch across the country joining 5 towns called Milton. PearlDamour creates theater for

twin foxes

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Psychic Readings, Flykills, Dust Cloud, Wokling, Feedback Psychosis @Fête Lounge, Low Cut Connie, @AS220, Appearances, Miss Geo, Joe DeGeorge Sax Machine @the Met, the Schemers @Machines With Magnets, the Attending, Way Out, Twin Foxes, Wild Sun Saturday — @the Met, Sadie and the

the babadook

Babadook At Cable Car

“The most terrifying film I have ever seen.” So says William Friedkin, Oscar-winning director of The Exorcist. He is referring to The Babadook. Apparently he has yet to watch CitizenFour (held over). Babadook opens Friday at 9pm, December 12, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main

Deirdre Sargent

Magic Lantern At Cable Car

(12.11) This past summer Magic Lantern put out the call in the Providence-Boston-New Haven area for its first submission-based program. The Local Show is the result. Rather than trying to craft a coherent, thematic program, we found it more interesting to simply highlight this heterogeneity

stinking badges

Geek Dinner At AS220

(12.10) Achievery co-founders, CEO Damian Ewens and CTO Kerri Lemoie, will tell their story, demo their impressive platform, and give a sneak peek at where they are headed next.  How do you know what people can really do? How can you prove your own skills