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Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, NOX, Teddy Farkas, Divey Tuesday  — @AS220, Tequila Jim & Super Cindy, Cliff Guller, Tim Corme Wednesday — @the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Joan Shelley, Ian Fitzgerald @AS220, Small Talk, Flannel Rooster, Attic Wood, Those Damn Kids @Aurora, (Lou Reed cover show), Dan

‘Flux’ Ceramics Exhibition At Woods-Gerry

Organic shapes abound in the ceramics on view at the Woods-Gerry Gallery: pods, husks, fungi, twigs, antlers, urchins, and the suggestive melty, drippy blobs seen here. Only a few members of the RISD Ceramics Department seem interested in geometric shapes. But there is a lot

Farmers Market At Arcade

(1.22) The Sunday Farmers Market returns to the Arcade Providence tomorrow with crafts, produce, baked goods, dairy, meats, etc. (Facebook event.) Fans of Providence history: The Westminster Street photo seen here is one of several old postcards and Library of Congress photos compiled by Carmen

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Aurora, (Inauguration Day Protest Show) Downtown Boys, Hairspray Queen, Vatic Kuumba, Nova @AS220, 14 Foot 1, Today Junior, Junior Beat, Edgar Clinks @the Met, Apathy, NME, Product of Amerika, Jessy Piff, Chum Loud, Sean Sinatra @Firehouse 13, the Brains, Delta Bombers Saturday —

Women’s Rally At State House

(1.21) These rallies are taking place in cities all around the country and I hope the crowds look angry and dangerous. Because future demonstrations (let’s retire the word “rally” for now) must be targeted directly at Trump-owned properties, especially his D.C. hotel (where, by Saturday,

‘Sine Nomine’ Perform Requiem At St. Martin’s

(1.20) This Friday the Sine Nomine choral ensemble will be performing Ein Deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms, the 1866 edition with chamber choir and four hand piano. Johannes Brahms transcribed an alternative edition of his beloved Ein Deutsches Requiem with accompaniment of four hands on

New Lovecraft Lager Launch At Arcade

(1.19) The latest in the Lovecraft-themed brews makes its debut Thursday night at the Arcade Providence. These so-called block parties take place indoors on the ground floor avenue, with people wandering in and out of participating shops and restaurants. (Facebook event.) About the beer: Made

Geek Dinner At AS220

(1.18) Before there was iPod, there was . . . Compaq Personal Jukebox! The PJB was the first hard-disk-based MP3 player made available on the market. This picture is from the “Interesting Items” section at the Rhode Island Computer Museum website. Good stuff. The Providence

Visit The J&W Culinary Arts Museum

[Additional note: It was just reported that the museum will be permanently closed to the public on February 27. Was not informed of this at the time of this writing. BC] This way to the diner exhibit featuring, among other exhibits, the restored Ever Ready

Criminal Justice Reform A Priority

On Monday we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. and I would like to echo the suggestion made by Jim Vincent, president of the Providence NAACP, in today’s ProJo — “Honor King with probation reform.” Rhode Island has the second-highest probation rate in the country –

Week In Music

Monday — @News Café, the Radiographers, the Black Kennedys, Aquatic Symphony, Hrvygrbg Tuesday — @the Dunk, Twenty-One Pilots @AS220, Power Monster, ADULT, Dog Hospice @Aurora, Cal Folger Day, Benjamin Shepherd, EDT, Rotgut God Wednesday — @Aurora, The Body, Muslin, Lingua Ignota, Sandworm, Work/Death @the Met,

Legalize It — 2017

We are back. Legislation to tax and regulate marijuana — making marijuana legal for adult recreational use — will be introduced in the new legislative session by Senator Josh Miller (D-Cranston) and Representative Scott Slater (D-District 10), two of the most enlightened and informed legislators

‘Live Film Score Festival’ At AS220

(1.14) This could be fun. Head down to AS220 for the First Annual Live Film Score Festival. Have a seat and enjoy an evening of short films where everything is scored LIVE by musicians set up in front of the screen. Thirteen films, each under

Weekend In Music

Friday — @Columbus Theatre upstairs, Club D’Elf (cd release), John Medeski, Sara Azriel @AS220, Mease, the Stupid Robots, evenodd Saturday — @Psychic Readings, Twin Foxes, Tyler Daniel Bean, Choke Up, Reservoir @the Met, Daddie Long Legs, Little Compton Band @Nick-A-Nee’s, Tim Taylor Blues Band @Machines

Singin’ In The Rain

(1.18) Make me laugh. This may be just what we need — a little escapism, a balm for our wounded psyches, Debbie Reynolds. “Singin’ in the Rain” — and this is a musical for people who don’t like musicals, I don’t like many musicals —

‘The Children’s Hour’ At Gamm

I used to teach girls this age and I think I speak for teachers everywhere when I say  . . . aaaarrrrgghhh!  I first encountered this startling image walking up Angell Street where a bus shelter features a large poster for the play. A flashback