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Week In Music

Tuesday — @AS220, Music to Drive Cars, Baggie Rajwah, Valley Reverse, Mic P Wednesday — @AS220, ThunderBug, Voodoo Cuisine, Deceiving Texture, Hombres del Mar Thursday — @the Met, Sayings, Actor Observer, In Depths and Tides, This Side of Paradise, Patrick Crowley @the Spot, Tauk, Wobblesauce,

Parcel 4

Parcel 4 Party — Monday

The various groups and individuals fighting the stadium boondoggle are getting together for one last summer celebration of the parcel set aside for use as a public park by the 195 Commission. Go to the “Act like you own the place!” Facebook page for details.

allysen callery

Providence Folk Festival

(8.30) Come on down to Roger Williams National Memorial this afternoon for the second annual Providence Folk Festival. 17 acts (schedule here) will grace two stages, emceed in between by local musicians. Bring chairs or blankets. Food trucks available. (photo: Allysen Callery playing the folk


‘The End Of The Tour’ At Avon Cinema

I can’t remember when I’ve been so affected by a movie. “The End of the Tour” is one of those movies you keep going back to in your mind. The tagline sums it up, “Imagine the greatest conversation you’ve ever had.” This will definitely be


WaterFire — Now With More Tango

(8.29) Full WaterFire lighting tonight — 80 braziers, count ’em. And the Argentines return with spontaneous outbursts of tango dancing. Special tango music is mixed into the tonight’s music program to get you moving. Performers come from Providence Tango, Argentine Tango at the Towers, and

jets can't land

Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Triangle Forest, Home Body, House Red @the Met, the Uprising @Aurora, Albert Demuth, Wicked Rot, Suicide magnets, Mother Tongue @the Parlour, Mark Cutler Saturday — @Psychic Readings, Vudu Sister, Warbler Roost @AS220, Morals, She Said That, Twin Foxes, OTP, Forest Fires @the

BOE poster

Buckley Vs. Vidal At The Cable Car

As the 1968 summer convention season approached the perennially third-place ABC News decided to try something completely different. The other two networks ran gavel-to-gavel coverage of the conventions which were not the predetermined coronations they are today; there was actually suspense with the outcome was

Offshore Magazine * Providence from the Water

2nd Annual Paddle Battle

(8.30) “Like surfing, only easier.” So goes the unofficial tagline of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). This is one of the fastest growing recreational activities in the country, and it’s easy to see why. It doesn’t hurt when you fall down. (Although I’m sure I could


‘Badlands’ MotB

(8.27) The idea of shooting people one at a time seems positively quaint in these rush-rush high-capacity times. Kit and Holly never seem to be in much of a hurry, and in spite of their leisurely pace, they still manage to kill ten people. “Badlands,”


NPS Birthday Party At RW Memorial

(8.25) Help celebrate the 99th birthday of the National Park Service and the 50th Anniversary of the Roger Williams National Memorial! Enjoy light refreshments, meet the park staff, stroll the beautiful grounds at the Memorial, check out the exhibits at the Visitor Center and learn

186 Carpenter Street

Drop-In Chess Tuesdays

Head over to 186 Carpenter Street on Tuesdays for chess-playing and good-time-having. Have you ever wanted to play chess but felt intimidated by the game? Wanted to learn but never had the time to ask? Or maybe you played once, but your uncle slammed you

stadium crappy

Providence Riverfront Land Forum

(8.25) City park or baseball park? We now know where the Providence Preservation Society comes down on the stadium issue (agin) thanks to executive director Brent Runyon’s excellent piece in the ProJo. Learn more, and explore what the best uses for this land might be,

seven hats parade

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Ariadne, Syzygy, Bed Death, S Hollis Mickey Tuesday — @Lupo’s, Beach House, Romantic States @Fête, Koffin Kats, OC45, Senior Discount @AS220, Boot Leg Soul, John Paul Colasante, Not for Coltrane @Psychic Readings, Single Lash, Future Museums, Pixels, Twenty Four Hours Wednesday —


Music And Noise At MWM

A much anticipated sound installation opens today at Machines With Magnets. Scøtt Reber, of long-standing Providence noise/sound-art project Work/Death, has mounted an installation in conjunction with DOT AIR Experimental Music Festival in the MWM gallery. The piece will be activated for viewing and listening, and

Parcel 4

Prov Preservation Society — No Stadium On River

Out-of-towners often comment on the pleasing scale of our city. It’s not just the cozy perimeter that registers, but the height and massing of the buildings. The scale is human; the streetscape, walkable. Take a minute and look at this view of our charming (okay

chafee on conan

Let’s Get Lincoln Chafee To 1%

Conan O’Brien has decided to help get Lincoln Chafee’s presidential campaign on the radar. In an effort to get Linc’s poll numbers up to at least 1% before the inevitable occurs, Conan has recruited singer-songwriters Aimee Mann and Ted Leo to create an “energizing” campaign