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Week In Music

10:43PM ON 04/13/2014
BY Daily Dose

Liz Isenberg Monday@the Spot Underground, Viking Jesus @AS220 Psychic Readings, Sick Din, VaVa Blume

Tuesday@AS220 95 Empire, Kyle Eyre Clyd, Tom Carter, Phemale

Wednesday@Dusk, Shackletons, A Deer A Horse, the Mad Clatter, Hot Jam Factory @AS220, Bloodpheasant, Ma Jolie, the Weaks, Darklands @Machines With Magnets, Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, Snakewagon, Rafay Rashid solo set

Thursday@Machines With Magnets, Blevin Blectum, Sontag Shogun, Hiro Kone @AS220 Psychic Readings, Jason Anderson, Liz Isenberg, No Parents @Columbus Theatre upstairs, Daniel Bachman, Jael’s Peg @the Met, Family, Dubbest @Fête Lounge, New Madrid

(Photo of Liz Isenberg performing with Death Vessel)


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Legalizing Marijuana — Potential Tax Revenues

9:40AM ON 04/16/2014
BY Beth Comery

State House Testimony will be heard today by the House Judiciary Committee concerning Marijuana Legalization Bill 7506. In addition to the compelling social justice issues, proponents will have a strong economic argument to make to Rhode Island legislators this year, supported by the early news out of Colorado and a recent report from OpenDoors, a nonprofit that serves formerly incarcerated individuals and their families.

Nick Horton, the policy specialist at OpenDoors who wrote the report, suggests that legalization and regulation of marijuana in Rhode Island could generate from $21.5 million to $82 million in annual tax revenues. Zachary Malinowski at The Providence Journal asked Pat Oglesby, former chief tax counsel for the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and founder of the Center for New Tax Revenue for an assessment (“Report: Legalizing marijuana would reap millions of dollars for RI”). He predicts,

. . . that Rhode Island’s plans to legalize and regulate marijuana “would be a significant improvement” over the tax structures in Colorado and Washington. Those are the first two states to legalize the drug and the tax rate is based on the price of the cannabis.

“The Rhode Island Bill’s per-ounce tax base is more stable and harder to manipulate,” Oglesby said. “It’s a better tax plan.”

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North Burial Ground Project — Talk Thursday

8:59AM ON 04/16/2014
BY H.L. Parker

north burial ground Head over to the Lippitt House Museum Thursday for “Unearthing the North Burial Ground: Online Walking Tours of Providence’s Largest Historic Public Cemetery” another of the Providence Preservation Society’s spring programs.

Professor Francis Leazes of Rhode Island College will discuss the North Burial Ground Project, an experiment in education that seeks to present a wide range of historic themes and perspectives related to the cemetery through a series of on-line tours.

Free and open to the public, 5:30pm reception, 6pm presentation, Thursday, April 17, Henry Lippitt House, 199 Hope Street

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Typewriter Orchestra At RISD Thursday Night

8:16AM ON 04/15/2014
BY Beth Comery

BTO Fans awaiting a recent Purple Ivy Shadows reunion performance noticed that a typewriter on a small table was waiting onstage along with the other instruments. The band members took the stage and started their prep when typist/percussionist Jeff Breeze turned to the band and asked “Can I have an ‘A’?” Much groaning. Breeze joined in on one song. (Video after the jump. He’s the one on the right . . . wearing the tie.)

Jeff Breeze is a member of the Boston Typewriter Orchestra,

. . . a collective endeavor which engages in rhythmic typewriter manipulation combined with elements of performance, comedy and satire. BTO aims to entertain the masses while providing an outlet for the creative urges of its members. (Facebook)

The BTO will take part in RISD Museum’s ‘Design the Night’ Thursday with two performances: 6pm to 6:30pm and again from 7:30pm to 8pm.

Free, Design the Night, FB, 5pm to 9pm, Thursday, April 17, RISD Museum, 224 Benefit Street and 20 North Main Street (directions)

more »

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Meet Mayoral Candidates Wednesday At Knight Library

3:56PM ON 04/14/2014
BY provcomlib

knight library The mayoral candidates are participating in a series of three forums sponsored by PCL Friends groups and moderated by the League of Women Voters. The first event takes place this Wednesday at Knight Memorial Library.

  • Hear what the candidates for mayor of Providence have to say about neighborhood issues.
  • Ask questions and tell them what you think they need to know about schools, libraries, safety, and other issues of concern to you and your neighbors.

The May forum will be held at the Rochambeau Library and the June event will be held at Wanskuck. More details at Providence Community Library.

6pm to 8pm, Wednesday, April 16, Knight Library, 275 Elmwood Avenue

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Total Lunar Eclipse

7:19AM ON 04/14/2014
BY Daily Dose

Ladd Observatory (4.15) . . .  early Tuesday morning, April 15th. The Brown University Ladd Observatory has been testing its camera in anticipation of the event resulting in this impressive image. They will not be open to the public during the early morning event, but will be open 8pm to 10pm, Tuesday night, weather permitting.

Tuesday’s total lunar eclipse occurs between 1:30am to 5:30am, with totality from 3:06am to 4:24am.

Ladd Observatory, 210 Doyle Avenue (corner of Hope Street), free and open to the public Tuesdays 8pm to 10pm, weather permitting, Facebook

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Roz And Rice Cakes On Vinyl

11:20PM ON 04/12/2014
BY Beth Comery

need to feed The new Roz and the Rice Cakes album ‘Need to Feed’ happened to be playing recently at What Cheer Records and Vintage. Roz has in the past cited Gwen Stefani as one of her early influences and there are many Gwen moments in these atmospheric and genre-defying songs. Roz has a great set of pipes.

The album was recorded at Columbus Recording Company and mixed and mastered at Machines With Magnets. It is available as a download at Bandcamp; but head over to What Cheer and pick up one of these vinyl beauties for $15 while supplies last.

(Hand model: Jennifer Daltry.)

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Denden Café Asiana Opens On Benefit

3:13PM ON 04/12/2014
BY Beth Comery

denden Finally! This corner (next to Geoff’s) has been empty for so long. The newest addition to the neighborhood — open about two weeks now — is Denden Café Asiana, a Japanese/Korean cafe with espresso bar and green tea. This may seem like a strange combination food-wise — I don’t think anybody will be ordering a mochaccino with their kimchi pancakes — but it might keep a steady stream of customers coming in during the day. And when you are inside it doesn’t seem odd.

The interior is nicely dim with gray-black ceiling, industrial light fixtures, and walls down to the brick. There are also sidewalk tables.

The menu includes tonkatsu, udon, hot pot bulgogi, maki, soba, bibimbap, and something they call Den Den monkey balls. Vegetarians should find plenty to eat. It’s just nice to have something there.

Denden Café Asiana, 161 Benefit Street at Meeting, 401.270.5269, Facebook

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Master Lever Bill ‘Held For Further Study’

8:44PM ON 04/11/2014
BY Beth Comery

Thomas Dorr The continued existence of  the “master lever” is indefensible. Proof of this came earlier this week when no one came out to defend it.

One side came out in force, filling the hearing room and arguing that there’s no good reason for Rhode Island to be one of 14 states that lets voters make all their selections with a single stroke of the pen.

The arguments from the other side — with the exception of pushback from one lawmaker — weren’t heard at Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee meeting, because no one came to present them.

But as in past years, the committee capped an emotional discussion of the so-called “master lever” by voting to hold the bill that would abolish it for further study.

According to the Providence Journal several senators wanted more information. Aarrgh.

The many compelling arguments against straight party voting can be found at — check out the page “Notable Quotes.”

*Seen here is the mesmerizing State House statue of “Governor” Thomas W. Dorr, the 19th century populist who mobilized the disfranchised to demand changes to the state’s electoral rules. (Attention Senate Judiciary Committee: He sees into your soul . . . he knows what you did!)

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‘Pregnant Butch’ Author At BOTS

12:41PM ON 04/11/2014
BY Daily Dose

Pregnant Butch (4.12) Join author A. K. Summers for a fresh take on pregnancy via the graphic novel. Written and illustrated by Summers, and based on her own pregnancy, Pregnant Butch strives to depict this increasingly common, but still underrepresented experience of queer pregnancy with humor and complexity.

First pregnancy is a fraught, uncomfortable experience for any woman, but for resolutely butch lesbian Teek Thomasson, it is especially unnerving. As a masculine woman in a world where pregnancy and femininity go together like Barbie and pink, Teek wonders, “Can butches even get pregnant?” Well, yeah, they can.

Offering smart, ambitious art, this graphic memoir is a must-read for would-be pregnant butches and anyone interested in the intersection of birth and gender, as well as a perfect queer baby shower gift and conversation starter for those who always assumed they “got” being pregnant. An author reception and book signing follows.

7pm, Saturday, April 12, Books on the Square, 471 Angell Street

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Yard Waste Pickup Starts

10:25PM ON 04/10/2014
BY Daily Dose

paper bags The City of Providence Department of Public Works has announced that free yard debris collection will begin Monday, April 14.

  • Residents are encouraged to recycle and compost all yard debris.
  • Yard debris should be left curbside on regular recycling and trash collection days.
  • Sticks and trimmings must be cut to 4 feet or smaller and tied together. Yard debris may not be placed inside plastic bags.
  • Yard debris collection ends on Friday, December 12, 2014.

Yard debris should be left curbside on recycling and trash collection days. Clippings, leaves, and sticks should be placed in open barrels or paper yard waste bags.

(We love the Benny’s logo . . . and Benny’s.)

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Weekend In Music

9:52PM ON 04/10/2014
BY Daily Dose

huge face Friday@Fête Ballroom, the Sounds, Blondfire, Ghost Beach @Dusk, Headrot, Martyrvore, Witch King, Venomizer @AS220, Math the Band, Dirty Fences, Huge Face, Nightmom @Nick-A-Nee’s, Biscuit City @the Met (WBRU Rock Hunt finals), Jetty, the Rare Occasions, the Stilts, the Bithchin’ Aardvarks

Saturday@Lupo’s, B.B. King @AS220, Ask the Dead, Pink Eye,Teazer, Jezebel @Dusk, Sidewalk Driver, Eldridge Rodriguez, Geri X, Most Dangerous Men Alive @News Café, Pixels, Guttersluts, Sneaky Creeps, the New Gun Slingers @the Columbus Theatre, And the Kids, Way Out @the Parlour, Mertz, Pale Amanitas, Failsafe, Matt Fraza @the Met, the Hold Steady, Cheap Girls @Machines With Magnets, Boyfrndz, Owl Food, Working, Feeds

Sunday@News Cafe, Yeesh, 14 Foot 1, Lame Genie, Oakli Boys @the Met, Jerry Douglas, Mark Cutler

(Photo of Huge Face)

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‘The Unknown Known’ At Cable Car

10:54PM ON 04/09/2014
BY Daily Dose

Unknown Known Not a care in the world.

We should force all future presidents, all members of Congress, and all Cabinet members, to watch an Errol Morris double-feature: “The Fog of War” and “The Unknown Known.” From the New York Times review,

Unlike Robert S. McNamara, another former defense secretary who sat for a portrait in front of Mr. Morris’s camera (in “The Fog of War”), Mr. Rumsfeld is untroubled by second thoughts or pangs of conscience. At times, the discrepancy between his view of himself and the historical record is almost comical, as when he waves off the suggestion that he was a ruthlessly Machiavellian player in the internecine Republican struggles of the 1970s.

“The Unknown Known” is rated PG-13. The New York Times adds, “Thousands of deaths, bloodlessly discussed.” Running time 103 minutes.

Starts Friday, April 11, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street

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Meta-tastic G.I. Joe Parody On ‘Community’

5:09PM ON 04/09/2014
BY Beth Comery

gi joe mutineersThe NBC series ‘Community’ aired this season’s alternate-medium episode and it was a beaut. “G.I. Jeff” was an animated parody of the old G.I. Joe cartoons interspersed with live-action faux vintage TV spots for a new product line (see above) and a few scenes back in the show’s reality. Meta doesn’t begin to describe it. There is no mention of the show on their website, and I wondered whether Hasbro had embraced the project. I consulted some random online experts whose credentials and sources are completely unverifiable, although there are certain “indicia of reliability.”

A gentleman at Dork Shelf writes that it was a “Hasbro approved parody.” He goes on to describe various in-jokes involving beloved show creator, Dan Harmon (Dork status confirmed).

Word of the Nerd describes the amusing premise of what looks for all the world like a real G.I. Joe episode.

It seems like a rather odd episode of the old cartoon until ‘Wingman’ kills Destro, and we learn this is the first actual death in the twenty five plus years of war with Cobra. The study group lands in jail, and they meet ‘Fourth Wall’ (Abed, Danny Pudi) who first brings up the idea that their reality may only be an animated children’s show. Meta, meta. There is even a character named ‘Sleep Apnea’ who does not look entirely unlike the show’s creator, Dan Harmon.

Go here to watch Episode 511 “G.I. Jeff;” also available On Demand for Cox customers. Hasbro should embrace this — it’s a gas. And it must be noted no one will ever confuse the somewhat crudely executed faux action figures for an actual Hasbro product. (But they’re not bad.)

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Artists’ Talks And Opening Reception — Bell Gallery

8:54AM ON 04/09/2014
BY Beth Comery

Eletrobras [Rio]

(4.11) As part of Brown University’s 250th anniversary the David Winton Bell Gallery presents the second in a two-part exhibition of alumni artists. Alumni Exhibition Part 2 will run from Saturday, April 12, through Sunday, May 25. The exhibition features work from Sarah Morris, Rob Reynolds and Taryn Simon. Seen here is Eletrobras [Rio] (2013) by Sarah Morris.

All events are free and open to the public.

Artists’ talks 3pm to 6pm, Friday, April 11.

Sarah Morris — 3:10pm to 3:50pm.

Rob Reynolds — 3:50pm to 4:30pm

Taryn Simon — 4:45pm to 5:25pm

Conversation led by Wendy Edwards, Chair of the Department of Visual Art — 5:25pm to 6pm

Opening reception 6pm to 8pm, Friday, April 11, Bell Gallery, List Art Center, 64 College Street

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Pope And Mussolini At Athenaeum

8:02AM ON 04/09/2014
BY H.L. Parker

Pope & Mussolini (4.10) Historian David Kertzer will discuss his book The Pope And Mussolini: the Secret History of Pius XI and the Rise of Fascism in Europe Thursday evening at the Providence Athenaeum.

The Pope and Mussolini tells the story of two men who came to power in 1922, and together changed the course of twentieth-century history. Pius XI was scholarly and devout, “Il Duce” thuggish and profane. Yet they shared a distrust of democracy and a visceral hatred of Communism, were both fiercely protective of the powers of their offices, and each relied on the other to consolidate his power and achieve his political goals. In a challenge to the conventional history of this period, Kertzer shows Pius XI’s crucial role in making Mussolini’s dictatorship possible and keeping him in power. In exchange for Vatican support, Mussolini restored many of the privileges the Church had lost and gave in to the pope’s demands that the police enforce Catholic morality. Yet in the last years of his life—as the Italian dictator grew ever closer to Hitler—the pontiff’s faith in this treacherous bargain started to waver. With his health failing, he began to lash out at the Duce and threatened to denounce Mussolini’s anti-Semitic racial laws before it was too late. Horrified by the threat to the Church-Fascist alliance, the Vatican’s inner circle, including the future Pope Pius XII, struggled to restrain the headstrong pope from destroying a partnership that had served both the Church and the dictator for many years.

Free and open to the public, 7pm, Thursday, April 10, Providence Athenaeum, 251 Benefit Street

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David Lamb Celebration At Columbus

12:13PM ON 04/07/2014
BY Daily Dose

david lamb

(4.8) Nice piece in the Providence Journal about the passing of musician David Lamb with thoughts from friends, family, and fellow musicians, and details about the event Tuesday night.

A concert to celebrate Lamb’s life will be held Tuesday at the Columbus Theater in Providence. Joe Fletcher, Death Vessel, Alec K. Redfearn and Last Good Tooth will play. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. and the event will start at 8:30 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

Free, doors 7:30, Tuesday, April 8, Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway, Facebook page, (directions)



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