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holiday meter

Holiday Parking Rules Start Saturday — Two Free Hours

Providence shoppers, and anybody else with a car, will get two free hours of parking at meters between 10am and 6pm, starting today and running through Friday, January 1st. The Providence Journal lists the relevant locations, the focus being retail areas that might benefit from


Tax And Regulate Marijuana In 2016 — Let’s Do This!

Marijuana reform advocates will be returning to the state house next year in the hopes of convincing the General Assembly that 2016 is the year for Rhode Island to join the forward-thinking states that already regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol. “War on marijuana a


Short Story Film Festival Saturday

(11/28) For the 9th year, Merging Arts Productions bestows its sometimes cute, sometimes funny, sometimes touching, and sometimes weird Short Story Film Festival on Providence. One ticket covers the whole festival, which includes 35 national and international films split into two sets: the Heartstrings program


Weekend In Music

Friday — @Firehouse 13, AdapterAdapter, the Sugar Cones, Steve Malec & the Electric Food, Sonny Jim & the Shitkickers, Prateek Poddar @the Spot, Viral Sound, West End Blend, Little Compton Band @Aurora, Good Morning Apocalypse, Baggie Rajwah, Thug Honey, Gracelyn Saturday — @Lupo’s, Elle King,

saints & strangers

Saints & Strangers & The Kalani Queypo Fan Club

The horrors endured by the Mayflower settlers on the ocean crossing and their first dreadful winter in Plymouth make for compelling, if stomach churning, television but the new National Geographic Television drama “Saints and Strangers” really takes off when the Natives show up. A great


Textiles Exhibition At Woods-Gerry

The RISD Textiles Departmental Exhibition runs now through December 6 with everything from fabric, fashion, wall panels, painting, sculpture, and some gorgeously diaphanous sheer things that are impossible to photograph but would be lovely to have hanging about the house . . . and something

what cheer vinyl

Black Friday Record Store Day

(11.27) We would normally discourage participating in the mindless consumerism that has come to characterize the Black Friday scene, but let’s make an exception for small businesses like record stores (as long as it isn’t mindless, and no shoving or hair-pulling). The National Record Store

jodi jolt and the volt

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Soren, Horoscope, Houseboy, V Sinclair Tuesday — @Lupo’s, Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts, Biters, Bad Marriage @Firehouse 13, Opus, Otan Vargas, Kris Hansen @Aurora, Zach Schmidt, Haunt the House, Ian Fitzgerald Wednesday — @the Met, Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons, Smith


‘Trumbo’ Starts At Cable Car

I just like saying “Trumbo” . . . Dalton Trumbo is a name that just had to go to Hollywood. Ironically, for several years, Trumbo was forced to use a pseudonym due to the Hollywood blacklisting; still, he won two Academy awards during that time.


BND Winter Coat Exchange — Friday

Does it still fit? Do you ever wear it? Is it still in good shape? Get that winter coat out of your closet and back into circulation where it can do some good. Props to the good people at Prosperity for RI who have been

city hall

New Art Installation At City Hall

This new multi-media installation — “Why Would Anyone Invest In Providence?” — debuted Friday at Providence City Hall, complete with a Sia-inspired floor routine “Vinnie gets the Vapors.” If anyone has footage of parking lot titan Joseph Paolino performing CPR please send it along. (ProJo


Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, the Whole Facade, Wichita, the Parkwoods @Lupo’s, Rich Homie, Quan, Chiz Mac, more @the Met, Joe Sambo and the Goonz, Sgt. Baker and the Clones, Kooked Out @the Spot, Daddie Long Legs, Mother Ton, RAH @Firehouse 13, Vital Remains, Churchburn, Sangus, Bog

bucket brewery

‘Mericans Play Bucket Brewery

(11.20) Great write-up by Gail Ciampa in today’s ProJo about touring and tasting local breweries. A few are right over the line in Pawtucket — the Bucket Brewery for one. You’ll find Pawtucket Pail Ale and beers including Hive Mind Honey amber ale and BOG


Bald Eagles Nesting

And just a stone’s throw from downtown Providence. A few years ago urban wildlife photographer Peter Green (Providence Raptors) got a tip that a pair of bald eagles was building a nest nearby, but he found it occupied by red-tailed hawks at the time. Then

july talk

Week In Music

Monday — @Psychic Readings, Uranium Club, Neutral Fixation, Mercy Gait @Aurora, Bile Sister (feat. New Chance), Jack Toft, Blevin Blectum, Taskmaster Tuesday — @the Met, Robert Earl Keen, Mark Cutler @Aurora, Bellerophon, Fine Animal, Favourite @AS220, Tony Jones and the Cretin Three, Michael Graham and

SW Pavilion

Hospital Seeks To Demolish Historic Building

(11.17) The Providence Preservation Society has issued an advocacy alert. Can this glorious Victorian Gothic pile be saved? Rhode Island Hospital will appear before the City Plan Commission to request the demolition of the the historic Southwest Pavilion. Located at the heart of the Hospital’s