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ASRI peregrine webcam

They Grow Up So Fast

Of course they eat pretty damn fast. And there seem to be several feedings a day lately. One parent sails into the box, bird carcass in beak, and it’s chow time. This is not for the faint of heart — lots of ripping and gulping

Dean Hotel

Dean Hotel In New York Times

Congrats to Clay Rockefeller et al. whose Dean Hotel is described in today’s New York Times as, “A stylish, sophisticated hotel imbued with originality and the creative spirit of the Providence arts community.” For longtime Providence residents, the transformation of the sleazy Civic View Inn

north burial ground

Give Peace A Chance

At least while we tend to the latest cohort of returning veterans . . . let’s have a few decades to catch up. A message from Michael McPhearson, executive director of Veterans for Peace, founded in 1985. “Our message for Memorial Day is to remember


Full WaterFire

(5.23) First this PSA: If you don’t absolutely have to drive around the Brown University area today then stay away. This weekend is Brown commencement with related activities all day. Add to that all the lost and frustrated out-of-towners driving rental trucks for the first


Weekend In Music

Friday — @Providence Public Library, Beta Motel @AS220, Bryan Thomas Fielding, Dominique Star, Milk, Whiskey Bitches @the Met, Shore City, Grand Evolution @the Spot, Sirsy, VulGarrity, Young Pandas @Firehouse 13, the Independents, the Brunt of It, Black Cat Attack, Honest John Saturday — @Firehouse 13,

golden glamour

Heavy Metal Threads At RISD

Extraordinary garments from the première fashion houses of the early 20th century (there’s an amazing two-piece Fortuny) are on display now in ‘Golden Glamour’ at the RISD Museum. The wall text explains their local provenance. Raised in Newport, Edith Stuyvesant Vanderbilt Gerry . . .

gano steet, tunnel

Register Now For The 48 Hour Film Project

And this is where the body gets discovered! (I have no experience as a location scout, but this place just screams body.) The 48 Hour Film Project comes to Providence on the weekend of July 17 – 19. Filmmakers from all over the Providence area

skinny millionaires

Week In Music

Monday — @Aurora, Lightning Bolt, Extinction Machine, Cottaging, Unicorn Hard-On Tuesday — @AS220, Melt Banana, Funeral Cone, Feedback Psychosis Wednesday — @Psychic Readings, Micah Blue Smaldone, Daniel Bachman, Ignatz @Firehouse 13, Black Pussy, Balam, Black Oil Incinerator, Bloodknife @Machines With Magnets, Pedestrian Deposit, Thomas Demuzio,

no stadium

The RI Convention Center — A Cautionary Tale

It has been evident from the beginning that opposition to the new stadium project has united people across the political spectrum; small government conservatives and progressive liberals have found much common ground in their objections to this boondoggle. The ProJo coverage, as well as the

cirque de light

Partial WaterFire

(5.16) A partial WaterFire lighting takes place tonight courtesy of the ocean racers cruising through the state. Andrew Lindsay and Liz Knights from Cirque de Light will be performing during the WaterFire lighting ceremony and then several more times during the night on the piers

city farm

SCLT Plant Sale

(5.17) Time for the 23rd annual ‘Rare and Unusual Plant Sale’ at the Southside Community Land Trust. One weekend in May, hundreds of varieties of annuals, perennials, and fruit and vegetable plant starts are available for purchase. Most of the 18,000 plants were carefully cultivated

lots of lots

Forum On Stadium Proposal At Hope High

(5.18) [Additional Note: The meeting will go on as planned. See ProJo.] This Monday, May 18th, State Rep. Aaron Regunberg will be hosting a forum at Hope High School along with Councilman Zurier, Rep. Ajello and Sen. Goldin regarding the baseball stadium proposal and to

thayer st.

Thayer Block Party

(5.16) Narragansett Beer is throwing a Thayer Street Neighbor Days Block Party, Saturday from noon to 6pm, featuring beer, food, local music, raffles, games. Live music from WBRU, including performances from Patrick Coman, Forrest Fires, Josh Grabert, and Public Alley, this year’s wild card BRU

whore paint

Weekend In Music

Friday — @the Met, the Mallett Brothers Band, Brian McKenzie, Frankie Ranks and the Freeloaders @Fête, Holiday Mountain, Radiant Shades, Empire @the Columbus Theatre, Joe Fletcher, Ian Fitzgerald @AS220, the Stilts, Dead LA, Dead Trains, PALS @Aurora, Rampant Decay, Big Kill, Aneurysm, Radio Carbon @Machines

naming rights?

Victor Matheson On Economic Impact Of Stadiums

(5.13) Here is a chance to learn about the economic impact of baseball stadiums from an impartial expert, Victor Matheson, professor of economics at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester. Or you can go with the $225/hour advisor (sports economist Andrew Zimbalist) hired by