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What Cheer Day — Saturday

Things to do on What Cheer Day. * Go to What Cheer Records and Vintage and buy an old Roger Williams album. (He was a rather bland pianist. Check out the $1 bins.) Or buy cool T-shirt. *Wash down some bacon wings with a Heavy

first baptist church

H.P. Lovecraft Walking Tours — Saturday & Sunday

Providence native and cult horror writer H.P. Lovecraft will be the subject of a special walking tour and film series during the annual Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival. The life and work of Providence’s best-known fantasy and horror author, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, provide the


Brown Family Weekend Dance Concert

During Brown University’s upcoming Family Weekend, the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies will present an eclectic mix of new and established choreography in the annual Family Weekend Dance Concert. This year’s concert features choreography by Stephanie Turner; Brown dancers in a new work


Exhibition Opens Friday At Brown Galleries

Opening reception at Bell and Cohen Galleries Friday for “She:Picturing women at the turn of the 21st century.” Spanning a period of twenty-four years—from 1989 to 2013—SHE presents a broad-ranging selection of contemporary representations of women. The exhibition, which is drawn from a private collection,

columbus theatre crop

Elorza Plays The Columbus — Thursday

And it’s free. The good people over at the Columbus Theatre have organized a great night of music (natch) but they also have an agenda — one that involves the future of Providence. This event will present an opportunity for Democratic mayoral candidate Jorge Elorza

elorza hq

I Heart Daniel Harrop

Republican mayoral candidate Daniel Harrop has just donated $1,000 to the campaign of Jorge Elorza! (WPRI Eyewitness News) I try to use exclamation points judiciously, but this definitely gets one. What a great way to start the week. Over the past several years in the

The Silks

Week In Music

Monday — @the Met, Shwayze, Cam Meekins, Carlton, Nikko Gray Tuesday — @AS220, the Big Sway, Filmstrip, Jake Wasson @the Met, Drive By Truckers, the Silks Wednesday — @Dusk, Dead Congregation, Mausoleum, Pissgrave, Churchburn @AS220, Days of Judgment, Justin Chase, Starship Shape @the Met, Aer,

public safety

Providence Police Corruption Under Buddy

You may need the police some day. Would you prefer that the officer responding had been hired and promoted on merit? Would honor and integrity be desirable attributes in a law enforcement officer? Then vote for Jorge Elorza. Today’s ProJo cover story “Buddy’s Boys” shows

By Your Side

RI International Horror Film Festival Starts

The RI International Horror Film Festival starts Monday and runs through Sunday, October 26th. Many events are scheduled in venues around Providence. Monday, Tuesday: free films, 3:30pm, Providence Public Library Thursday: “Thursday Night Spooktacular,” 7pm, Bell Street Chapel, 5 Bell Street Friday: 6:30pm, sci-fi double

girls rock!

Girls Rock! RI Turns Five At Aurora

(10.18) Head down to Aurora and help celebrate the 5th anniversary of Girls Rock! RI. (Girls Rock! Rhode Island is a volunteer-based non-profit that uses music creation and critical thinking to foster empowerment, collaborative relationships, and the development of healthy identities in girls and women.)

matt the knife

Matt The Knife At AS220

(10.18) Whether eating a light bulb is an illusion, a trick, or the latest fad for getting tungsten into your diet, I do not know. What I do know is that it makes for an oddly compelling performance. That satisfying crunch puts Cool Ranch Doritos


Weekend In Music

Friday — @Machines With Magnets, Brighter Death Now, Deutsch Nepal, Raison D’Etre, the Vomit Arsonist, Bocksholm, Post Scriptvm, Nurture Abuse @the Met, Chelsy Lau Band, Bochek, Vanilla Function @News Café, Indian Twin @Firehouse 13, Eternal Khan, Sorrowseed, Leukorrhea, more @the Spot, Daddie Long Legs, Groove

last stack

Thank You Providence Phoenix

Thursdays just won’t be the same. It was always on my mental to-do list. If I wasn’t grabbing a copy at the market I could zip over to the nearby Fluff ‘n’ Fold. In nice weather I walk(ed) up to Thayer Street where there was


Björk: Biophilia — Heavy On The Visuals

“Björk: Biophilia Live” starts Friday at the Cable Car. If the trailer and her hair are any indication this should be one trippy freakout. ‘Biophilia live’ is a concert film by nick fenton and peter strickland. Recorded live at björk’s show at london’s alexandra palace

Gangsta Graphite

Guitar Strings Qua Jewelry — Wear Your Music

Check it out, someone is still making jewelry in the Jewelry District. Artist Hannah Garrison solicits used guitar strings from noted guitarists and turns them into bracelets. Providence-based Wear Your Music also sells key chains, earrings, etc. Participating musicians include Brown alum Lisa Loeb, Les

the past

Brown Mayoral Debate Sold Out

(10.15) There may still be tickets available in the overflow area (?) for Wednesday’s mayoral debate at Brown, but the large auditorium of Salomon Center has been sold out. This could be interesting. [Additional Note: Good job, everyone. Read about the debate in ProJo 10.15.14.]