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Wake Me Up When Petraeus is Done Talking


Democracy is alive and kicking today as the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees convened to hear testimony on things we already know about an unwinnable war they are seemingly powerless to stop from two individuals, General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker, who ascended to their posts too late to prevent a disaster.

I spent two hours this morning slogging through it live on NPR, but I can’t blame anyone for missing it. Just imagine what went on in your head and you’ll probably come pretty close to the actual event: lots of vague talk about “progress being made” and “obstacles to reconciliation,” constant reiterations of support for the troops, criticisms of mistakes made years before either Petraeus or Crocker came in, Biden gets pissed, Barbara Boxer rants inteminably, Lugar expresses uneasiness, Kerry mentions ‘Nam, a troop withdrawal that is mathematically inevitable is passed off as a deliberate strategy, and ultimately, nothing new comes to light. Petraeus did, however, bring along some nice color-coded charts.