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Best Holiday Ever?

Shagging like rabbits During my research on this morning’s announcement of Putin’s nomination of Victor Zubkov for the post of prime minister, I came across a rare bit of good news from Russia: citizens of Ulyanovsk, birthplace of Lenin, have been given the day off from work to have sex. Yes, with the blessing of the city council, workers have been given a day shag like bunnies and hopefully boost the Russia’s declining birthrate. The largest country in the world has a population of about 141.4 million, compared with the United States (the third largest in terms of land mass) with over 300 million, or India (#7 in land mass) with over a billion. Couples who make sweet, sweet lovin’ as part of today’s “Give Birth to a Patriot” contest will be in the running for a number of prizes, including a new car, cash, or kitchen appliances, for giving birth on July 12, Lenin’s birthday.