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The Dunk Renovation Presses On

Dunkin' Donuts Center Model   The (much costlier than expected) rehab of the Dunkin Donuts center presses on. I’m quite skeptical of the notion that this particular endeavor, or much of the supposed “economic development” of recent years will actually serve to improve the lives of the average resident of Providence. Though it’s certainly positive for the city that the state has taken ownership of the Dunkin Donuts center, relieving the city of the burden of maintaining it, and recognizing that those benefits that follow from its presence accrue primarily to the state, to whom sales and income taxes and such are paid.

Either which way, the RI Convention Center Authority has posted some pretty cool photos of the rehab project. There’s little doubt, no matter the cost overruns and the rest, that in its new form the Dunk will be much less of an aesthetic blight than it’s been.