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Thursday: Watch Disinterested Old White People Frown, Crunch Numbers

PPL Board If you happen to be downtown and available Thursday at noon–and, you know, who isn’t?–it’s time again for the monthly meeting of Library trustees. This time around, they’ll be discussing their plans to lay off the seven children’s specialists at the branch libraries. Because, you know, why would a library need someone to deal with the multitudes of children that flood the buildings every afternoon two minutes after school lets out?

Of course, the board will only be discussing that issue (along with other budget concerns, presumably) if they actually show up. At the last meeting, only seven of the thirty or so board members actually bothered to even make an appearance.

Meetings are open to the public, however, and if you want you can even get your two cents in at the end. The meetings are held in the Barnard Room, which you can get to by taking the elevators up to the third floor and taking a right. They’re worth watching at least once, particularly if you’re looking for a new reason to hate living. Catch up on the background beforehand with the Library Reform Group blog.