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Rocks Off


Music stuff and junk.

  • Modest Mouse, National to open R.E.M. tour.
  • New “Yacht Rock” episode: Enter Loggins!
  • Neil Young archives released on Blu-ray and DVD only.
  • Brooklyn Academy of Music to feature Grizzly Bear, Paul Simon, David Byrne.
  • Go see the Pogues in NYC for St. Patty’s.
  • Thom Yorke BBC 2 interview last Sunday, does live acoustic “Reckoner”.
  • Leaked tracks from new Gnarls Barkley.

2 thoughts on “Rocks Off”

  1. Aggie Wein says:

    Random fact: I just realized David Byrne did the music for HBO’s show about a polygamist family, Big Love. The show rules. David Byrne rules.

  2. Beth Comery says:

    AND… the new Louis XIV cd out today… Slick Dogs and Ponies!

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