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Super Tuesday Live Blogging

1:07: This time it’s good night for real. Happy counting to all the devoted vote counters around the nation. May your counting be swift and accurate.

12:50: alaska is in the obama bag as well

12:47: We’re back! Of course our blackout occurred right before obama’s speech to supporters, early California results looking clinton’s way and missouri coming back to obama. Also bill richardson has a beard.

11:39 with Tibet’s computer about to run out of power, the live blogging comes to an end.

11:30 lauren mackler: “no matter who wins it’s time to end the reign of muscular moralism”

11:24: lull…

11:23: The GOP numbers are even harder to read despite a clear McCain victory

11:21: MSNBC pulls out a questionable hand-drawn graphic suggesting an obama delagate win.

10:59: avocado vote comes in in 30 seconds, but the switch back to paper voting (thankfully) means a looong night ahead

10:57: What’s with clinton’s yellow/orange blazer? she will never come across as sunny

10:50 person behind me: “i’m disappointed in all my massachusetts friends.”

10:48: There are a lot of people here. This is me typing this right now…. tibet sprague liveblogging

10:46: Daily dose correspondent Ariel Werner: “too tired to live blog”

10:45: Fox news doesn’t know which state is alabama

10:27: for the fourth time this week an underwater cable bringing the internet to the middle east was suspiciously cut. perhaps someone doesn’t want them to know obama just won connecticut?

10:23: Local radio producer megan hall: too early to get emotionally involved (?)

10:21: The other eric completes a blog post on a completely different blog, proving that he is the bloggiest live blogger of all daily dose contributors.

10:20: Maybe the tornados in alabama dropped all the obama dems in kansas to vote a second time

10:16: It’s eric smith’s birthday! perhaps he will buy us daily dose contributors a round of shots?

10:15: Where’s chuck norris?

10:11: Crowd proclaims north dakota favorite of all dakotas.

10:09: In the thick of it at local 121. thinks are looking slightly grim for the obama heavy crowd here though the pick ups in utah and north dakota are a nice boost going forward to california. Come join us. The drinks are flowing, the people are pretty come on down.

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