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News Attack II: Attack of the News

schwarenneger.dalai.lama-767469 – WTF? New NY Gov David Paterson already involved in non-prostitute sex scandal.

Dalai Lama calls China’s bluff:
“Search my urine and stool to see if I incited the riots.”

Brown going to the College Basketball Invitational (???), URI to the NIT [Boston Herald].

The dollar has ebola, but RISD bonds are way way up! RISD Bonds?!?

Diddy denies report connecting him to Tupac‘s murder. Why are we hearing about this now?

Chafee slams H. Clinton‘s war vote as “Democratic Bush-enabling.” Just facts, ma’am.

– Surprise! RI Landfill corporation “donated millions of dollars in public money to charities in return for sports tickets, meals and other perks and paid above-market prices for land connected to government officials.” Whoopsie!

2 thoughts on “News Attack II: Attack of the News”

  1. joe bernstein says:

    The Dalai Lama said that?Good for him if he did.Tibet had 17% of its population wiped out in 1959-I remember that.The Tibetans never threatened anyone and they’ve been treated like nobodies by the world for decades-just because they don’t commit terrorist acts against innocent bystanders no one really cares much about them.We only admit about 1,000 a year as refugees-in my 21 years as an INS agent i never heard of a single Tibetan refugee involved in a crime.I’d as soon give them 10,000 visas a year-they’d be a benefit to this country.

  2. Eric Smith says:

    I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at that meeting of Arnold and Hunter Thompson.

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