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Pub Quiz @ RiRa = the Original Tuesday Pub Quiz

Tonight and every Tuesday night 8:30 ish.

Ties for first place are settled by arm-wrestling…seriously!

I was told that RiRa has had the market on Tuesday nights for 8 years – 7 of which, the lovely Kimberly Nelson has been at the helm – and “if someone wants to get all fussy because some other bars have scheduled theirs on Tuesdays…well, I don’t know…they can be banished to Musak round hell! You don’t need to quote me on that. But you can say something about how witty and pretty the host is ;)”

4 thoughts on “Pub Quiz @ RiRa = the Original Tuesday Pub Quiz”

  1. I see says:

    Fool? I guess I didn’t understand you writing style (?)

  2. Lester Magnum says:

    Do they still buy the pre-packaged questions from Europe?

  3. Danielle Blasczak says:

    it’s about RiRa having a pub quiz night tonight… Fool.

  4. I See says:

    I can’t make heads or tails of this! What is this about???

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