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Daily Archives: 04/12/2008

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tickets now on sale… go… buy

Eddie Izzard seems to have added a Providence date before this new tour officially kicks off. What up with that? I will not question it — a gift from the cosmos just when you need it. I first noticed Mr. Izzard in the movie “Velvet

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There I go again…

I know that a lot of the folks carrying the pitchforks and torches are adamant that this is not about race, but excuse me for being a bit skeptical yet — for some people, it most certainly is.  This one just landed in Reps’ inboxes:

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Oh, jeez

This is the juciest tidbit from the Projo’s article on the movie tax creds: In its own letter, the Motion Picture Association of America asked to be freed from having to thank Steven Feinberg, the director of the Rhode Island film office, by name in

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Historical Society Preservation

All day today: The 23rd Annual RI Statewide Historic Preservation Conference Saturday, April 12 in Providence’s South Side and West End Preservation Past, Present, and Future