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Daily Archives: 04/13/2008

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The Etymology of Bird

I just came from the Black Rep, where I was privileged to see the premiere of their new play The Etymology of Bird. Written by Zakiyyah Alexander and directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian, the play delves into the fabric of Bed-Stuy (the same Brooklyn neighborhood that

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Pub Quiz Tonight

Yup, it’s already two weeks later.  Tonight is the Pub Quiz at the Wild Colonial.  The quiz-masters will ask 6 questions in each of a variety of categories like current events, maybe history, maybe sports… or maybe a completely idiosyncratic made-up crazy topic.  There is

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Killing Pablo Record Release Tonight

Providence’s Killing Pablo have been cultivating their indie Americana for a couple of years now, slowly infiltrating what few clubs we have left in this town, and tonight they release their newest disc, Quiet/Loud/Repeat on 75 Or Less. The band crams a lot of noise

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rock ‘n’ roll yard sale today

Don’t forget — AS220 from noon to 5PM — Pounds of Sounds! Stacks of Wax! Lots of vendors will be selling posters, T-shirts, vintage vinyl, jewelry, ephemera, things, and stuff.    Jen and Chris Daltry of What Cheer Antiques will have several pounds of albums