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Daily Archives: 04/14/2008

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Norman Finkelstein at Brown tomorrow

+ Tuesday, April 15th – Israel/Palestine: Roots of Conflict, Paths to Peace  – A forum featuring Dr. Norman Finkelstein, the controversial scholar and author of Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History; Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict; and

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Amazing Race (discussion) Tonight at Brown

TONIGHT – William C. Rhoden, of the New York Times and that ESPN snoozefest Sports Reporters fame, is appearing tonight at Brown for a discussion regarding race and sport in America. He will appear alongside former Bears and current Oregon State University (way to mess

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Mystery Palace Brings Yacht-Glitch To Town

Rumbling, glitchy tech-pop is the cornerstone of Mystery Palace’s sound; futuristic bleeps and blaps, skittering electro hit hats and gently sweeping synths smoothed over with whiteboy euro-soul vocals. That sounded like a recipe for a souffle or something. Mystery Palace, James Amoeba, Daniel Ouellette, Banter/3.1

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Another one rides the bus

RIPTA could certainly be far better — if it got sufficient funding for once — but catches way more crap than it deserves. With the state budget in such dreadful shape, we’re looking for extra-budgetary ways of encouraging more people to ride RIPTA. This is

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“Just the word ‘Bobo’ would instill fear”

Notorious mobster Frank L. Marrapese Jr. is getting out of the can: Marrapese was convicted in 1987 of murdering mobster Richard “Dickie” Callei. who was shot five times in 1975. But he was acquitted of two other killings and was in and out of jail

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‘The mean season is here’

Great column by Charlie Bakst on the forces gripping our state: Spare me the assertion that your grandparents came here legally. You can hardly compare immigration laws — or ease of entry — now with then. Do you think the undocumented enjoy being illegal? By