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Daily Archives: 04/18/2008

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Stock Up on Picnic Supplies

Providence Wintertime Farmers’ Market Saturdays! @AS220 from Noon to 3pm Squash, bread, greens, potatoes, meat, eggs, cheese, chocolate, fresh baked pies, apples, and more. Go to the market, and then giggle at its “Wintertime” title while you enjoy lunch in the park.

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More Best Stuff Kudos

To the lovely Lara at Local 121, who has been our favorite bartender for awhile now, and obviously the rest of the city agrees!

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Rhode Island wins! Higher Than Average Unemployment. Blows Competitors Out of the Way!

We’re way better at this recession thing than most States.  Way to go Rhode Island.  Massachusetts has nothing on us.  From today: Rhode Island last month lost 3,100 payroll jobs, plunging the state’s employment level to its lowest in nearly five years, a government

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Going going back back to Bristol Bristol

Lo! What news from yon goodly port of Bristol, cradle of patriotic fanfare and tricolor medians? Buddy’s back in the parade? By my troth! BRISTOL — He won’t ride atop a horse borrowed from the Providence police, and a helicopter (most likely) won’t drop him

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Scorsese to speak at Brown

Martin Scorsese will be speaking at Brown’s Salomon Center on Saturday at 3PM as part of the Ivy Film Festival. It’s free and open to the public — ticket holders will be admitted between 2:25 – 2:50PM at which point the great unwashed will be

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We shall note be moved

there are events relating to this exhibit all month long.  details after the jump: We Shall Not Be Moved: Gentrification, Displacement, and the Right to the City April 14 – May 15, 2008 A Project About Gentrification in Providence and Beyond Poster Exhibitions: “We Shall