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Daily Archives: 04/19/2008

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Flobots get made

Chas has the news.  Outta Denver, but with RI roots, lefty hip-hoppers the Flobots just got signed to a deal with Universal.  And they’re the top track on iTunes.  Congrats to Jamie Laurie (formerly of Brown, Youth in Action, and Segal  ’02) and the rest

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Passover/immigration update

My dad, at the head of the Seder table, just did an eloquent little riff on immigration as it relates to the Jewish people.  (Lest you assume that he’s a lefty me like me, know that he voted for George Bush in 2004.)  He’s also older than you’d

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Tonight at Firehouse 13: Prov Roller Derby wants more of your money

BOOM Dance Party! benefiting the Providence Roller Derby brought to you by F.H. 13’s resident DJ/MC/Floorwrecker, MONSTER ZERO!

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music, dancing, fun

  Tonight at the Blackstone Club, now located in the Hope Village Complex in Pawtucket, is a special Earth Day celebration with some great live music. You spent all day shopping for vinyl, now go out and hear the real deal. Hey, Rash of Stabbings

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it’s record store day

Here’s another use for your tax refund — go buy some vinyl. Face it, everything used to be better. But you too can enjoy the clicks and pops and this ‘warmth’ I hear so much about. And at no extra cost, you get the big