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Daily Archives: 04/20/2008

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White Denim

I take back everything I ever said about Texas. This Austin trio was described in Tripwire as a cross between Eagles of Death Metal and Devo. I’d throw in a little Blue Cheer and some Ritalin. Alls they got out is an EP ‘Let’s Talk

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They should do a viral vid for this show too

Cuz I just learned about it in a Mark Patinkin column, and he ain’t exactly speaking the language of today’s youth.  Anybody seen (or at least heard of) Canterbury’s Law? Elizabeth and her law professor husband, Matthew (Aidan Quinn), are both haunted by the disappearance of their

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Frank Gehry and Japanese TV weigh in on the great matzah debate

And by debate, i mean a discussion on how to eat it. First, courtesy of the NYT, we learn that renowned architect Gehry loves matzah brie, (AKA matzah fried with eggs). I also love matzah brie, so now Frank and I are matzah twins. Here’s

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just like RI politics — entropy increases

Professional card-stacker Bryan Berg (and why don’t they tell you about these jobs in high school?) was commissioned by the Showtime series Brotherhood to do his thing in a promotional trailer for the show. The time-lapse video shows him stacking 22,000 cards into a model

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North PVD B-Boy

Props to friend of the Dose Dan Lawlor’s brother for b-boyin’ it up in North Providence: [youtube:]