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Smoke Monster! Smoke Monster! Smoke Monster!


Wow, good Lost last night, eh? If you count the last episode from like, 4 weeks ago you witnessed the death of Rousseau, which was pretty shocking in itself because I always felt she’d be someone who sticks around ’til the end, Carl, who I also thought they were grooming into a main character and most incredibly Rousseau and Ben’s daughter! This was a major surprise, who else thought she was becoming an A-list character? Anyone else? No? Whatever, the hell with you all. Also about a half dozen no-name survivors got gunned down but who cares about them because they didn’t even have names. There was fat guy in red shirt, library-lady in khaki shorts, etc…

The most satisfying part of the episode was the flash-forward, which answered the question raised about three episodes back of how Ben and Sayed end up partnering together in the future to kill everyone who works for Charles Whitmore and then presumably Whitmore himself. (although this is also in question, for some reason Ben can’t kill Whitmore himself. Can anyone? Is this kind of like how Michael couldn’t kill himself because the Island wouldn’t let him?) Also awesome: Ben can control the smoke monster, which appeared larger and scarier than ever before, decimating that entire crew of military dudes lead by the ship’s captain, who is a pretty major bad-ass, for killing Ben’s daughter (what the hell is her name again?) (Update: Alex!) right in front of him and all. Dude’s no joke.

Next week: Jack dies! Probably not, looks like he has malaria though. (Update: Julliette says something about his appendix bursting, thanks Chiz) I now turn this over to the commenters for further analysis…

3 thoughts on “Smoke Monster! Smoke Monster! Smoke Monster!”

  1. mark says:

    Why couldn’t Michael, Tom, Ben and Charles die off the island? I think Faraday’s experiment is a clue: the island is removed from the outside world in time. And if you’re on the island in the future, then you can’t be killed off the island in the past–something about a time paradox.

  2. Eric Smith says:

    Oh absolutely, Ben is hands-down the most fascinating character on the show.

  3. chiz says:

    from the teaser, it looks like jack has a ruptured appendix (he was seen holding his side in this episode).. alex was the name of ben’s daughter..i can’t believe she died! but i liked that ben was seen mourning her death .. it makes his character more complex than the diabolical/conniving one that we’ve been seeing. over all a very solid episode!

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