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The pound heard round the world


In case you missed it, the media is very, very fascinated with the “fistbump” that Barack and Michelle Obama shared last week. Also known as a “closed-fisted high five,” “daps,” or “a pound,” this gesture is common among African-Americans, young people, athletes and the fingerless. Also, it is not news.

5 thoughts on “The pound heard round the world”

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  3. Kitty says:

    Ummmmmmm…. why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that he smacks her ass as she walks away? I love Barak, but, really? You slapped her ass on a stage in front of millions of people? That’s far more interesting (although not by much) than a pound.

    And really, people hadn’t heard of pound before? I’m a whitey white girl, and even I knew that…

  4. localist says:
  5. If it's not news says:

    Then why do you post about it?

  6. Bill M. says:

    Fox News called it a “terrorist fist jab”

    Not kidding:

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