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The pound heard round the world

4:17PM ON 06/09/2008
BY Ari


In case you missed it, the media is very, very fascinated with the “fistbump” that Barack and Michelle Obama shared last week. Also known as a “closed-fisted high five,” “daps,” or “a pound,” this gesture is common among African-Americans, young people, athletes and the fingerless. Also, it is not news.

5 Comments on “ The pound heard round the world ”

  1. Fox News called it a “terrorist fist jab”

    Not kidding:

  2. Then why do you post about it?

  3. yo, here is a better pound:

  4. Ummmmmmm…. why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that he smacks her ass as she walks away? I love Barak, but, really? You slapped her ass on a stage in front of millions of people? That’s far more interesting (although not by much) than a pound.

    And really, people hadn’t heard of pound before? I’m a whitey white girl, and even I knew that…

  5. [...] Ari weighs in at the Dose: [...]



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