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RI Film Fest starts on Tues

4 thoughts on “RI Film Fest starts on Tues”

  1. Beth Comery says:

    I don’t care! If he says he’s a filmmaker, he’s a filmmaker. And I have a ‘script’ I’d like to ‘discuss’ with him. Jeez, they don’t all have to look like Peter Jackson do they?

  2. matthew lawrence says:

    what male (or female) filmmakers wear velvet blouses with gold buttons and peter pan collars? i ask you.

  3. Eric Smith says:

    Look at that cool, good looking hipster holding that camera! I don’t think that’s what central casting would consider the filmmaker type…

  4. JOE BERNSTEIN says:

    This is one event I think everyone can like-they certainly give you enough choices-and you can park around the Columbus.

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