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So Much To Do Tonight

feetThere’s so much stuff happening around the city tonight I thought I’d make you an itinerary:

Start early on the west side with Dear Providence at New Urban Arts. Remember those boxes in all the coffee places around town where the New Urban Arts kids were asking for you to write letters to the city? They’ll be presented from 5-7 tonight at some sort of interactive event created by thirty students. New Urban Arts is at the corner of Westminster and Dean.

After that, head over to City Hall to see the Park As Muse: Artwork of India Point Park, which David already posted about. Apparently there are thirty artists in the show, all making art inspired by the park. I’m not sure who’s actually involved, though a moody Jill Brody photo is on the postcard and I’m assuming plein air painter Ida Shmulowitz will be involved somehow.

Next, get on to the RISD Museum for Music Friday, which is celebrating its one-year anniversary tonight. Latin jazz, and the opportunity to drink wine while looking at valuable pieces of art. It’s a little hobnobby, but that can be fun sometimes. Also, with the new entrance on South Main, you can still think of the museum as being downtown and not on the East Side. 5-9; $5 for members, $8 for plebeians.

Then run downtown to do the Rock Band 2 thing on Grants’ Block. There was a mistake about the times in my earlier post, there’ll be some DJ-ing earlier and the game-playing itself won’t get going until after sundown.

Then you’ve got two options for what to do after that, and both of them sound like they might be pretty cool:

a) You could go to Perishable Theatre‘s Live Bait, which gives you the opportunity to casually tell a five-minute story in front of a room full of people. This is the first in a series, each of which will have a theme; tonight’s is birthdays, so if you’ve got a good birthday story (or would just like to hear one), check that out. That starts at 10.


b) You could stay on Westminster and go to the Pixilerations performaces at URI. Jacob Richman, Lucky Leone, Maggi Payne, Hugo Solis, Lyn Goeringer, and Butch Rovan will be performing. Pixilerations, if you haven’t seen it yet, is pretty interesting this year. At both the Sol Koffler Gallery on Weybosset and that space on Westminster across from Dress Barn that I’ve never seen used for anything besides weird art shows, it showcases lots of interactive pieces that involve robotics and sensors and stuff. Some of it’s good, some of it’s sorta silly, but I’d say go just to see the two great Heidi Kumao pieces, including the dancing feet (pictured above) and this really lovely bell jar/envelope video piece that you just have to see to understand.

Finally, if you’re still up for something but want to escape downtown, The Scurvy Dog might be sort of interesting, as it may be infested by homosexuals who have probably never heard of the west side before.

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  1. Frymaster says:

    Opening reception for Museum of Small Finds at Machines with Magnets – 7 – 9. That’s in The Bucket.

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