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DaveyDave: 6th hottest male politician in the U.S.?

2:22PM ON 10/24/2008
BY Ariel Werner


Thanks so much to Matt Jerzyk for sending this one into the blogosphere:

Mazel Tov to our very own Dose blogger and District 2 State Rep, David Segal, who has been named the 6th hottest (male) politician in the U.S. on, whatever that is. One edit, though: the lemondrop ladies refer to Davey as RI’s first elected progressive. I think they meant Green. While Segal is one of our most important progressive voices on Smith Hill, let’s give props where props are due to the other progressive legislators (Rhoda Perry comes to mind) who have been fighting up there for decades.

Also, while some of the guys they mention are obviously gorgeous (Mark Udall, Deval Patrick, Jesse Jackson Jr., Gavin Newsom), some of them are just plain questionable. John Sununu, seriously?

7 Comments on “ DaveyDave: 6th hottest male politician in the U.S.? ”

  1. i’ve always considered dave to be more “dreamy” than “hot”. some may argue semantics.
    also, i’m curious to know joe bernstein’s opinion on the subject.

  2. Beth Comery

    Oy vey, has he got a new nickname or what!

    I once introduced Dave to a married couple who I knew were his constituents (and happily so) and when he walked away the man turned to me and said “I had no idea our representative was so handsome”. (I think we can feature this item for a while — my first executive decision. Thanks for the item Ariel.)

  3. Dave Segal

    Pulling rank, and de-featuring that drivel. :-)

  4. Beth Comery

    David Adam Segal… go to your room!

  5. I wrote a comment on RIF if you’re interested-Matt Jerzyk replied and I replied to Matt-no invective,just an exchange of opinions.
    As far as David’s appearance,it is not germane to his performance as a politician.
    The times I’ve seen him in person,he tends to look preoccupied.

  6. [...] Dave Segal for Rhode Island House District 2.  Yes, he’s unopposed, but he really likes it when you pull his lever.  It makes him feel loved. [...]

  7. [...] aired at 5:00 PM on Channel 10 News. It features a certain State Representative David Segal (a.k.a. The Lemondrop Kid) making some good points regarding the appraised value of the [...]



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