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The New York Times Can Suck It

RI Here at the Dose, we love harping on national shout-outs to lil’ Rhody.  For example, Ari went buckwild when Wonkette told our dear state to “suck it” during primary season.  Well, The New York Times hollered our way this weekend, taking a shot at our soft-underbelly: job losses. Pam Belluck writes:

Rhode Island now has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, the first time the state has held that distinction in the three decades since such records have been kept.  With unemployment at 8.8 percent, Rhode Island has edged past Michigan, and every month seems to bring fresh reports of companies cutting workers, shutting divisions, closing altogether.

Is it just me, or does the national media only seem to notice us when things go wrong?

2 thoughts on “The New York Times Can Suck It”

  1. Corey says:

    Or when compiling trivial lists such as this one:

  2. joe bernstein says:

    No-they also notice us when they have to make a size comparison-like”the ranch was bigger than Rhode Island”

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