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Tonight: Second Annual Holiday Party!!!

Christmas with the ChipmunksDrinking Liberally and the Daily Dose are combining forces for a Holiday Extravaganza!!!!

Tonight (THURSDAY, December 11) 9pm, in the Local 121 Tap Room (yes, because we are lazy). It’s FREE (just help us blow $400* at the bar).

Matthew Lawrence, spinning Chipmunks holiday songs on loop. Other things too.

*(Ed. Note: Just to clarify because the figure ‘$400’ is sort of close to the word ‘free’. What it means is we need YOU to bring $400 to the bar and spend it, but you can get in the door for ‘free’. We can not afford an open bar. We can barely afford a candy bar. This crew couldn’t put $400 together if our lives depended on it. Most of us will be selling blood today to pay for our own drinks tonight. So bring money.)

6 thoughts on “Tonight: Second Annual Holiday Party!!!”

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  3. Jef Nickerson says:

    I didn’t make the party because A. I can’t read a calendar, II. I had a meeting this evening, 5. It is raining and I had to get bread and milk.

    On a side I note, when I picture Beth in my mind’s eye (since I’ve never met her (that I know of)) she has never been scruffy, but she has been hotness.

  4. c daltry says:

    can’t wait for all you can drink chipmunks . . .

  5. matthew lawrence says:

    And the assumption that I’m willing to take my Chipmunks record out in the rain.

  6. Eric Smith says:

    What I love about this post is its clarity.

  7. Annie Messier says:

    Warning to other newbies: the few Dose writers I’ve met (Eric, Beth, funkEpunkEmonkE and Matthew) have all been funnier, cooler and of course far more attractive than your average-Joe-the-plumber-six-pack. If the DL folks are anything like Dosers, your heart and mine may not be able to handle a whole roomful of witty, scruffy hotness.

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