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New Feature: Picture of the Week

(dis)Obey Providence

(CC) cmiper / 2009.

Shepard Fairey: master of Radical Shill or Man of the Year?

One spraypaint-wielding vandal had his say on Fairey’s recently-installed wheatpaint poster on the side of AS220’s Washington Street Mercantile Building in Providence.

This is the first in a new series I’ll be posting (and cross-posting over at Most photos will come from Creative Commons-licensed photography on Flickr. I recommend checking out the Providence, Rhode Island, and Greater City: Providence photo groups for more. Put a link in the comments if you see a picture that deserves to be posted. -Matt

5 thoughts on “New Feature: Picture of the Week”

  1. jones says:

    you wouldn’t be the first to give shep too much credit

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  4. Annie Messier says:

    True, Al! Actually, I only get out at night, when this installation is in an abandoned parking lot chained off by a fence and pretty hard to see. Does anyone know why this wasn’t placed where people can enjoy it more easily (like at Nice Slice)?

  5. Al says:

    Fairey didn’t do the dollar signs but they have been there for a quite a while. I guess you guys don’t hang out downtown much.

  6. Annie Messier says:

    I’m SUCH a dummy! The dollar signs were already present the first time I saw that installation, and I thought Fairey added them himself as satire.

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