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Size Of Rhode Island (dot)blogspot(dot)com new idol: This Lexi fellow, who diligently researches and confirms or dis-confirms claims that various places, duffel bags, oil spills, and internal organs are as sizable as Li’l Rhody.

“Last weekend, I toted around a duffel bag the size of Rhode Island (small for a state, large for a duffel bag). Inside were three bottles: Aleve, Ibuprofen and potassium. It also contained an assortment of ointments, athletic tapes and braces. It looked like Larry King’s overnight bag, minus the brill cream.”

Without measurements, it is impossible to be sure, but I strongly suspect that this guy’s duffel bag is NOT the size of Rhode Island

One thought on “Size Of Rhode Island (dot)blogspot(dot)com”

  1. Ladyandria says:

    Lexi is a girl, not a fellow.

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