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Now the Whole World Knows week, PBN gets down to business, reviewing the ‘sphere for it’s money-making potential, in an article best summarized by something like: “Meh?” Eric reminds us of the problem our little shingle’s been having on the income front — we’re all pathetically antisocial:

For Providence Daily Dose, the present business challenge is not selling ads – it’s finding people to sell them. The site is trying to put together a sales team to sell ads on commission, but has had no luck so far. Still, Smith doesn’t doubt that the market exists.

“Our rates are reasonably low compared to our readership,” he said, with a minimum ad purchase requirement of $100. “I think people would be getting a bargain for advertising with us compared to The Phoenix.”

Wanna lend a hand? (Writers wanted too.)

The article does a good job of capturing the texture of the RI blogosphere, and the travails of its bloggers. RIFuture’s business model is indeed tops, but GCPVD and Anchor Rising are ascending. There’s a nice solidarity that follows from the fact that we’re all winging it — but I’m not sure if that’s charming to others, or if we just look like a throng of lazy fumblers in the dark who oughta get their acts together.

Graphic from gapingvoid.

3 thoughts on “Now the Whole World Knows”

  1. Jef Nickerson says:

    Our acts seem to be no less together than the Journal’s

  2. Frymaster says:

    Another list, another miss. I am Jack’s abiding shame.

  3. Beth Comery says:

    GOOD writers.

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