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Daily Archives: 08/04/2009

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He Said ‘Rhode Island’ On The TV

In an NBC Evening News report on an image from Mars featuring the (possible) meteorite NASA has dubbed ‘Block Island’, Brian Williams compared the look of the scene to “one of those beautiful Rhode Island beaches”, whereas the scientists had meant nothing of the sort

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That’s Not My NOM

This is still almost two weeks away, but on the 16th the National Organization for Marriage plans to hold a Marriage And Family Day at the Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, and the National Director of NOM (nom nom nom) is going to be making an

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Divinely Chosen

For many of us, the Governor Sanford debacle was the first we heard mention of C Street, the Christian fellowship house on C Street in Washington D. C.  It was where he turned to find ‘support’ and where he undoubtedly found it.  For an organization