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Daily Archives: 08/08/2009

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We’re All In This Together

One way to spend time outside today (and you really should get out of the house) is to check out Week 9 of the Providence Kickball League. Full schedule here. Now, turn off the computer and go outside. 2pm — Scurvy Dogs vs. Gutterballs 3pm

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WaterFire Tonight

The weather will be perfect for WaterFire or anything else for that matter. Head downtown at sunset for the lighting. Scheduled for the Plaza Ballroom at the Turk’s Head building, “a night of Latin rhythm featuring the Latin Heartbeat Orchestra, the Masacote Dance Company, and

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New On Thayer

This is where that bead place used to be. I guess the name says it all. It’s nice to see a local independent retailer open up among the usual category killers.  Speaking of killers, also up and running is Shark the sushi/hibachi grill place with