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Daily Archives: 08/14/2009

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Silkscreened Pancake Brunch

Saturday is the last day of Collective Access, the exhibition of work by the 10 artists who run the AS220 Printshop, and many amazing prints are still available for sale. It’s also the day the AS220 printshop artists are making pancakes silkscreened with chocolate designs

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Craftland Now Open

We were warned a favorite holiday season event would be expanding into a year-round shopping, gallery, craft school and show venue, but the past couple months, Westminster Street has just been teased with papered-over windows and “opening soon” signs. But, ta-daah! Craftland is up and

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How About A Nice Cup Of WTF?

UPDATES — 9AM WEDNESDAY: The ProJo has picked up the story crediting “several left-leaning blogs” with breaking it, but we know it was Ms. Dymoke who spent most of Monday on the phone fielding questions from the Canadian media. 3PM MONDAY: Daily Dose wins again!

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Freedom For Fromme!

After 30 years in the clink, historical footnote Squeaky Fromme has been released from prison today. Is she dying to finally Tweet? Is she as excited for Mad Men Season 3 as I am?! Taste that freedom, Squeaky, a brave new world awaits you! For

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Weekend In Music

Friday — @Firehouse 13, Loud Night with Doomriders, Night Horse, Javelina, Howl @The Blackstone, Tiffany Shea, Patrice Pike, Jeff Byrd Dirty Finch, Johnny Lingo @Lupo’s/BoA City Center, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Catch-22, Ida Maria @Jerky’s, Pistol Shot Gypsy, blind Assumption, Frequency Control, Fear of State @AS220,

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Whole Foods, Whole Lotta Backlash

Two days ago Whole Foods CEO John Mackey posted a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece criticizing Obama’s proposed health-care reforms, and the internet backlash has been swift and fierce. Facebook already has a 2,500-strong “Boycott Whole Foods” group, and Single Payer Action is calling for