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Daily Archives: 08/15/2009

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Sex Radicals’ International Conspiracy Afoot In RI, Apparently

Donna Hughes, the URI professor who has made it her personal mission to ban prostitution in the Ocean State, has used a lot of tactics over the years.  She has testified before the state house, she has written melodramatic newspaper editorials, she has put a

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When you walk into the new-ish Waste Not Want Not art gallery/crafts boutique/second-hand clothing store/performance space. . . look up. This lovely chandelier by Anna Shapiro suggests jars filled with lightning bugs and is just one of many fascinating pieces for sale at WNWN (more

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Jim Taricani Goes Down The Rabbit Hole

UPDATE 8/15: All charges dropped. “‘She’s not a criminal,’ McEnaney said. ‘She’s a walking cartoon character, when she’s in character.’” Here’s the now-embeddable video, which has amassed its own little YouTube following and you should really watch if you somehow haven’t seen it: UPDATE 4/6:

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Gay-In, Beantown Style

If you’re in the Boston area today, and are in need of a mid-afternoon, same-sex activity, wander over to Boston Common and partake in the Great National Kiss-In at 2pm. From their Facebook Group: After recent incidents in El Paso, TX and Salt Lake City,

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Drifter’s Escape

This post obviously calls for a lyric or song title as headline. I have a thing for John Wesley Harding — Apologies if the song is too obscure for a hackneyed headline-pun. Music below. The story is just ridiculous in too many ways to enumerate. 

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“I’m Pretty Sure That’s Not Right”

That’s the required line of dialogue in this year’s 48 Hour Film Project. The other required elements are a coffee pot or coffee maker, and there better be some sort of addict named Sam or Sonya. It all comes together tonight with a showing of