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Shapiro chandelier When you walk into the new-ish Waste Not Want Not art gallery/crafts boutique/second-hand clothing store/performance space. . . look up. This lovely chandelier by Anna Shapiro suggests jars filled with lightning bugs and is just one of many fascinating pieces for sale at WNWN (more pix after jump). Samantha Gerlach has crafted intricate wall-hangings (if Chuck Close worked in fabric), David Karoff makes chairs out of books, and a day-glo installation in the back features leggy creatures up to the ceiling.

As mentioned above, there will be music on Sunday night featuring Mirror Phases, Lichens, Mazes, and much much more.

Music, $7, 9pm sharp, Sunday, WNWN, 232 Westminster Street


karoff bookchair

gerlach tapestry

wnwn dayglo installation

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  1. Matthew Lawrence says:

    BTW, The Gary mentioned is Gary Panter, who designed all the sets for Pee-Wee’s Playhouse among many, many other things.

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