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Daily Archives: 08/17/2009

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Tuesday Air Quality Alert — RIPTA Free

The Department of Environmental Management has declared Tuesday an ‘Air Quality Alert’ day due to unhealthy levels of ozone and moderate fine particulate matter. This means all RIPTA routes, excluding special services, will be free. Just hop on a bus or trolley, and then hop

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Excuse Me, I’m Looking For The Rough Sex Repertory Company…

I don’t normally feel the need to link to religious crazies, but there are so many hilarious details in this article from something called ChristWire that I couldn’t help it.  (Also, it took about twenty pages of clicking before I convinced myself that it was

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Support Health Care Reform This Week

Let’s be sure we make clear that Rhode Island is the progressive place we know it to be: Town Hall with Jim Langevin – Wednesday, August 19th at 6pm (get there early) – City Hall, 3275 Post Road, Warwick – Spread the word on facebook.

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Pecha Kucha + Goosebumps Weds Night

Pecha Kucha #6.  And they’re looking for presenters and a photog: Announcing the 6th Pecha Kucha night in Providence! Pecha Kucha is a monthly format for sharing ideas, in which presenters are allotted 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide. Put simply: 6 minutes and

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If We Let The Straights Get Married, Then Next We’ll Have Polygamy

Maggie Gallagher from yesterday’s NOM rally. (Polygamy gets a shout-out at the 3:00 mark.)