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Daily Archives: 08/18/2009

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Think Pink

The third season of Mad Men premiered Sunday night on AMC and the huge and unexpected plot twist that has everybody talking is that Ken Cosgrove scooped the Dunkin’ Donuts account from Pete Campbell.  And, oh yeah, Don really is a Dick.

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Here’s How We Do It

In a recent monologue, the excellent Bill Maher opined “I was originally opposed to the death panels, but I’m beginning to come around.”  Amen to that. The recent protests have prompted some pretty dark thoughts in even the most benign of souls. The Greatest Generation?

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Come view new works by Hilary Merzbacher, recent graduate of the RISD Illustration Department and the latest to be LAUNCHed. (You can meet Hilary at a reception on Friday August 28th.) LAUNCH at the Gail Cahalan Gallery has been designed exclusively to bridge RISD senior

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Moderate Party Has Landed!

I’ve been in the bind so many times before. Standing at the voting booth wondering if I should cast my vote for a conservative neo-con Republican (fat chance!), a well-meaning but politically isolated Independent who won’t have enough sway or influence (I’m not so sure…),