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Daily Archives: 08/20/2009

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Saturday: Lead-Safe Gardening Workshop

From Amelia Rose of the Environmental Justice League: Want Your Own Home Garden? Home gardens provide healthy food for your family and can save you money.  But here in Providence, if you want to grow food in your backyard, it’s important to make sure your

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David Barnes Exhibit At 5 Traverse

All the news that’s fit to paint Tsunamis kill people in Bali. Car bombs kill people in Iraq. The Internet is killing newspapers. The major news networks report on these killings with state of the art sensationalism and hi-tech dehumanization. Rhode Island artist David Barnes

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Happy Birthday, Dear Friend Howard

In case you suddenly felt an unspeakable urge to weepily goth around today, you’re not without reason!  One hundred and nineteen years ago on this very day in this very city (at 454 Angell Street), Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born. I’m not really into unspeakable

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Rink Of Fire — Providence Roller Derby

Smokin’ Hot Roller Derby in the Rink Of Fire Old Money Honeys vs. Sakonnet River Roller Rats It has been over a year since the Old Money Honeys, defending champions of Providence Roller Derby, have played the 2008 underdogs, the Sakonnet River Roller Rats. On