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Daily Archives: 08/21/2009

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Iron Is The New Black

[No spoilers] Project Runway is back on the air and all is right with the world — except that our official Runway correspondent informed me at the very last minute that he had a terrible case of the vapors and has retreated to “the lake

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The Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Mellow Howard, Green Castle, Can!!Can, Hush Darling @Firehouse 13, Rustic Drama,Cellar Doves, Global Crash, Something Like Banter & the Cybernetic Inevitable All-Stars, World Threat @Club Hell, Mozart Season, The Subtle Way, Scare Dont Fear, Meet Me in Montauk @Lupo’s, the Original Wailers

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Music Like Dirt

Most Fridays at the 201 are now dedicated to old timey rocksteady, ska and soul with a heavy emphasis on my personal favorite, Desmond Dekker. His best tracks always begin with some shambling drum fill that sounds like the kit being thrown down a flight

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My Assistant Was Supposed To Number These Things

Jon Stewart’s smackdown of the loathsome Betsy McCaughey just kept going and going while she struggled valiantly to find page 425 and he wrestled with the contents of his stomach. At the 30-minute mark the camera was simply turned off, but their exchange continued. To