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Daily Archives: 08/25/2009

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Hidden Cameras Northeast Tour Dates

Indie darlings The Hidden Cameras might not be making a Providence appearance anytime soon, but that shouldn’t discourage you from checking them out on one of their New England gigs: 11/1/09 – Cambridge, MA @ Brattle Theater 11/2/09 – Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse The

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Up To Our Dome In Red Ink

The next time a candidate for governor says something like “Running a state is like running a business, and I’m a businessman” run screaming into the night.  Evidently Rhode Island needs a new business plan (and CEO). Governor Carcieri has announced 12 government shutdown days

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The Devil Is In The Details (Not The Medicine)

The Rhode Island Department of Health is holding a hearing today to discuss the proposed regulations concerning the establishment of the newly created ‘compassion centers’ (marijuana dispensaries). According the the Providence Journal, “Officials have released a draft version of the regulations regarding operation of such