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Daily Archives: 08/30/2009

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I Wonder What He’ll Wear

Andrew WK, musical genius and host of ‘Destroy Build Destroy’, has been named the ‘Harvard Lampoon Entertainer of the Year’. He will be feted at a secret ceremony and banquet to be held at castle headquarters on Bow Street in Cambridge. Mr. WK will be

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Girls! Girls! Girls!

This past week kind of sucked. One of my favorite songwriters died, the Columbus was shut down and the news broke that the Taqueria Pacifica will be leaving AS220 in October.  Things are bad.  So bad, apparently, that I found myself not totally hating Mariah

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The New Nathan Bishop

Congratulations to all the people who worked so hard to make this happen. Nathan Bishop Junior High is scheduled to reopen this fall, starting with a sixth grade class, with seventh and eight grades to be folded in over the next two years.  Among those