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Pixilerations Starts

The Empire/Colin Adams There are lots of words and punctuation marks in the official title of the new exhibition “Pixilerations [v.6]: The Great Disruption” (part of FirstWorks festival which runs through November 15) like a technical handbook for the new normal. Yeah, so nobody is ever going to say all that, but it all looks pretty cool. The exhibition of films, videos and digital art kicks off tonight with simultaneous openings at 5 Traverse Gallery and the Kofler Gallery downtown (The Providence Journal says 6pm to 9pm, the Pixilerations site says it ends at 8pm). The robot jellyfish at Traverse has piqued my interest so I think I’ll check that out. (Correction — and thank you commenter — pictured here is The Empire an animated work Colin Williams, RISD MFA candidate.)

Openings start 6pm, Thursday, 5 Traverse Gallery at 5 Traverse Street/Kofler Gallery at 169 Weybosset Street

One thought on “Pixilerations Starts”

  1. ciaociaocity says:

    the artist with work pictured here is RISD MFA candidate Colin Williams – (projo photo caption was incorrect 😉

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