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Stream The ‘Where The Wild Thing Are’ Soundtrack

So you’re super psyched to see Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are in a few weeks, right? Because it was your favorite childhood book, right? Because you’ve always been a little angry and misunderstood, right? And because the trailer looks lush, imaginative, and hipstery-friendly, and not all all like that creepy childhood-memory-destroying Polar Express schlock that came out a few years ago. Right? I thought so. I know you so well.

Well anyway, indie it-girl Karen O’s gorgeous soundtrack for the film is up and streaming o’er yonder. It’s a great listen, and is certainly getting the Daily Dose excited to see the movie.

Stream after the jump!

Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack

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  1. Annie Messier says:

    Daily Dose field trip?

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