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Blowout 101

8 thoughts on “Blowout 101”

  1. wess says:

    Your point?

  2. data_geek says:

    The timing of the hairspray was a brilliant addition to this short clip! I agree with Wess that this is truly an anthropological document.

  3. Kevin says:

    thank you for taking one for the team, Wess.

  4. Lisa says:

    You worked at a convenience store to gather all this info.

  5. wess says:

    If by Johnston you’re referring to the giant drive-through sports bar and deli, just west of Providence, then I still don’t think much will be lost.

    In my time working there, I was deeply saddened by how a well-funded educational system could fail students as thoroughly as the most deprived inner city schools. The store I worked in sold cigarettes, lottery, and a staggering variety of highly processed, nutritionally impoverished edibles, yet not a single pen or pencil, or anything to write on. One co-worker who showed up for her shift whined and begged to be allowed to go home to retrieve her Sidekick, without which she apparently could not survive for a whole four hours.

    Regulars enthusiastically — and quite loudly — demonstrated their very impressive knowledge of sports based in privately-held out-of-state franchises, but could not name a single elected official other than the president, the governor, and the mayor. And then they complained about the state of the town, state, and nation, and wondered who was to blame.

    They also have by far the fattest fire department I’ve ever seen. I hope for their sakes that they never have any fires above the first storey.

  6. Lisa says:

    Weiss – They guy pictured is from Johnston so I would hope that comet misses RI as well…

    I think it’s amusing. Most important is what is up with the guy shaving his pits?

  7. wess says:

    The show also isn’t a total pointless waste. It is a valuable anthropological document. Namely, in how it assures me that I shouldn’t be concerned about what will be lost when a comet slams into New Jersey.

  8. wess says:

    I assure it is possible not to like this guy.

    He also makes some of the most self-absorbed gay guys I know look like Larry the Cable Guy.

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