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Letter To Our Web Host

Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2010 01:42:27 -0500
Subject: i don’t know what else to do.

Hey Joyent, read the subject line of this email! I’ve paid a bunch money to you over the past few years for what is supposed to be really reliable web hosting and all i’ve got to show for it is a bunch of people bitching and moaning about how they can’t log in to post their crap about some hipster marching band. I’m starting to getting really annoyed. I don’t understand why my server has gone from being reasonably reliable to being an incredible pain in the ass and all I’ve gotten in support is some sort of cryptic stuff about some sort of bulletin board and a honey pot being hammered. Our site gets has had the same amount for months but all of sudden is a total pain in the ass; what gives. Also I’m really drunk so i’m sorry if this email totally out of line.

6 thoughts on “Letter To Our Web Host”

  1. mangeek says:

    Thanks David, it seems to be working much better now.

  2. David Young, CEO, Joyent says:

    I will look into this for you, personally.

  3. rasa says:

    login whiners, reprasent! *nerd gang sign*

    if your provider is claiming the problems are due to their honeypot being hammered, defs time to find a provider who knows how to handle security, because they clearly don’t. production honeypots should neverrrrrr impact performance!

    *nerd stuff on network security and honeypots and sugarcane deleted on the grounds that i’d like to be able to date again sometime this century*

    i usually read the dose via my rss reader, so i don’t specifically notice weirdness often, unless i try to comment or link directly to an article (which is pointless on facebook because the stupid linky thing only shows the URL and no article text i know i know not your problemmmm) but i feel a little better knowing other people bitched this week.

    ps. you still need a “login” link. /flees

  4. Ben Doherty says:

    Yeah, go to DreamHost. They’re cheap and really good.

  5. mangeek says:

    Have you tried upgrading WordPress? Maybe their honeypot is getting slammed (get your mind out of the gutter, this is network security) because there are vulnerable versions of things on their servers.

    Has anyone else seen a major uptick in ‘my computer got a virus thing’ in the past few days? That’s what’s going on, evil networks of zombied computers are attacking blogs, trying to log-in and install code that turns your computer and mine into more zombie-machines.

    Also, do your respective updates: (bonus, hulu and youtube will be faster, smoother) (bonus, new version is -fast-)

  6. Ghost of Wordpress Past says:

    you’re on wordpress– extract the database, gather up your images and move to dreamhost. You’ll never, ever, ever look back.

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