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Taking Down The Numbers jobs abound. Read more here. And here. (Any old Projo article’s an excuse for Lardaro to throw a sucker punch.)

Leonardo Lardaro, distinguished professor of economics at the University of Rhode Island, said that one reason why the census bureau might be having trouble attracting applicants is because of unemployment benefits. He said that people on unemployment might feel a temporary census job is only going to be a few extra dollars more than an unemployment check, so it’s not worth jeopardizing the benefits.

Lardaro said even though the jobs are temporary, they will help Rhode Island’s ailing economy.

“We are one of the worst states in the country. Rhode Island needs all the help we can get,” Lardaro said. “It takes people off unemployment insurance and eases the pressure on our overburdened trust fund. It might help confidence. Even in the short term … I don’t see how that could possibly hurt.”

Anyone interested in applying for a U.S. Census Bureau job, should call 1-866-861-2010.

While you’re on hold, check out the only census-inspired song I’ve ever heard — Detroit Rebellion’s “Numbers,” at the bottom of the song listings on his MySpace page.  It’s based on Jeff’s thankless spring and summer of 2010. (And imagine what’s in store this year, per the signs like the one above.)

If you see me coming

I’m walking down the street

Will you let me in

Or call the police

I don’t know