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Vote Now For Dave Segal — Best Politician Ever

kevin kline in 'dave' I can’t get a handle on the tone I should take here at all, but here goes. Apparently I missed one of the most important categories in my recent post about The Providence Phoenix 2010 ‘Best of’ poll — that being ‘Best Politician’. Because frankly . . . who would even think to look for such a thing? But now I find that our very own Dave Segal is listed and I certainly can’t ignore such a thing. So on the one hand, I don’t want to be too too jokey here because Dave really is the best. On the other hand, he is modest to a fault and prefers to have the spotlight on his various causes and initiatives, not himself. On the third hand he doesn’t take himself too seriously because he is not a pompous ass and likes to have fun. (For more info on Rhode Island’s District 2 Representative David Segal go here.)

In conclusion — he may not care about these things, but I do. Vote for Dave! He’s the best!

(Your other choices will be Kennedy, Langevin, Whitehouse, Reed, and ‘write-in’. Voting ends Thursday, do it now.)