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Friday: Impromptu Blogosphere Meet-Up

beerBEER! WINE! ICE! What could possibly go wrong?

GC:PVD is taking the lead on a random RI blogosphere hang-out sesh, this Friday. Come hang out!

Impromptu blog meet-up at the Skating Center this Friday (3/19) at 5pm. We’ll be there enjoying the Beer/Wine Pavilion — all of our fans are welcome to join!

3 thoughts on “Friday: Impromptu Blogosphere Meet-Up”

  1. Jef Nickerson says:

    They did it for the last week of skating (skating ends Sunday). Early summer, the Burnside Park Beer Garden should be back.

  2. H. says:

    Beer/Wine Pavillion? Is that an every Friday thing, or only because of the NCAA’s?

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