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Get a Little Country

antique wooden wagonGet your annual fill of animals, music, bingo, doughboys and pie at the Foster Fair, a.k.a. Foster Old Home Days.  Events include a bunny race, rooster crowing contest, lots of meals with baked beans, an old-fashioned tractor pull, “Foster Idol,” and the most historic Rhode Island tradition of all: daily martial arts demonstrations.

Performances include Atwater-Donnelly Saturday afternoon; Superchief Trio Saturday evening; Still Pickin’ on Sunday afternoon; and Ray Cooke Sunday evening (full fair schedule here). Wear your dancin’ shoes (but not the good ones, as there may be some manure about).

$4 (kids under 12 free), Saturday until 10pm & Sunday from 8am to 7pm, fairgrounds off intersection of Rt. 94 and Howard Hill Rd. in Foster.