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Kudos to Chris

Quite the showing by Chris Young this season, and it’s a shame that he and best girl Kara Russo are off the November ballot — Chris having lost big in the Providence Democratic mayoral primary, and Kara losing both her races for GOP nominations for Congress and Lt. Governor. (Though pulling a respectable 33% in the latter race.)

Their marriage will be a model for cross-party congress. But unreported in the viral hubbub about Chris’s proposal: When the pair came bible-banging to a committee meeting on gay marriage at the state house last year, one astute legislator called them out on the fact that they were living in sin. That prompted an elderly woman, their caretaker of sorts, to assert that the duo lived together “as brother and sister,” forcing one to wonder whether the Almighty looks more favorably upon co-habitation or wedlocked quasi-incest.

Here’s a treat: rare footage of a much more svelte, ho-hum Chris from a debate with Bob Weygand and Linc Chafee when he ran for Senate in 2000:

And this season’s escapades, in their full glory:

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4 thoughts on “Kudos to Chris”

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  3. Nancy Green says:

    I thought he was only going to marry her if he won.
    But now that they’re out of the race, where will they go for attention?

  4. Nic says:

    This guy could totally compete with Chris Young for the political lunacy award!

  5. J says:

    WHAT a freak

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