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Congratulations New Rhode Island MacArthur Fellows

community musicworks“Hello, you are a genius and here’s a pot of money.”

This is huge. Sebastian Ruth, founder of Community MusicWorks, is one of two Rhode Islanders to get the nod in 2010. Each will receive a $500,000 grant to be paid over a period of five years. (You can’t apply for these awards. Grantees are nominated anonymously and generally find out about it when they receive the congratulatory phone call from the foundation — a phone call that must blow. . . your. . . mind!)

Community MusicWorks is a fantastic organization on Westminster Street in Providence, trying to fill the void left by the gutted public school programs. They provide free after-school programs, and make instruments and mentors available to students who might otherwise be shut out of this enriching world.

While the Dose has a primary interest in all things Providence and musical, it sounds like the other recipient, Nicholas Benson, a stone carver from Newport, is doing great things as well. Congrats to both. And please spend all the money in Rhode Island. Read all about it in the Tuesday ProJo.