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Criminal Justice Forum Wednesday

Over the last couple of years we’ve made some big strides in our attempts to make our criminal justice system more fair and reasonable (and cheaper) — by ending mandatory minimum sentences and instituting probation reform.  But there’s lots left to do.  Come learn more tomorrow night:

What:  DARE, PrYSM, ACLU, and RICARES will present 6 pieces of legislation currently being pursued in the RI General Assembly. We invite legislators, law enforcement, and the public to come, ask questions, and find out how they can be involved in passing these reforms.

Where: Casey Family Services, 1268 Eddy Street, Providence

When: Wednesday, October 20th, 6pm to 7:30pm, with refreshments and snacks starting at 5:30pm

Please share this invite with folks who would be interested!

1. “Ban the Box” would remove the question of prior convictions from job applications. Similar bills passed in CT and MA this year.

2. Probation Violations Should Be Limited To the Time Remaining on Probation. Currently, probationers can be hit with 10 years in prison on the final day of a 10 year probation.

3. Allow “Good Time” Credits for people on probation and parole. Create an incentive for good behavior and reduce the punishments for those doing the right thing.

4. Unshackle Pregnant Prisoners. Women are transported to court and OBGYN visits without seat-belts, without airbags, and in various forms of excessive restraint.

5. Comprehensive Racial Profiling Bill. An intense study showed blatant racial profiling in police behavior, and a commission has been advocating for reforms such as videotaping traffic stops. Furthermore, the gang database lacks rules for how one gets on or off the list.

6. Stop Skimming the Interest From Prisoners’ Bank Accounts. The state is taking roughly $100k per year, separating interest form principal, from the ACI prisoners.