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How To Send Us A Press Release

risd stepsHow to send us your information/tips. Look over to the column on the left side of our front page. Under the title ‘Daily Dose Team’ is a link that says ‘Tip Your Editors’. Simply click on this, and send us the details of your event in that email. There is no particular contact person here. (Sometimes we get emails asking “Where do I send you information?” Um. . . just do it there. . . what you just did.)

What we need to know. Your best bet is to get the ‘who, what, when, and where’ right out off the top, then you can elaborate with details. If you mention an organization, please include the link to their website. If you have an image or two to illustrate your event/play/festival please attach those. We may have to crop for formatting purposes, and make sure you have permission to use them. And we may still need to go with something else.

When. This one is tricky because we try to get things up in time for readers to plan a little, but not so early that by the time the date arrives it’s off the front page. Generally speaking send it in about one week ahead of time (but we’ve been know to slap something up last minute when inspired). Certain events will get a preview post; sometimes to get people buying tickets, or as a save-the-date or look who’s playing Foo Fest sort of thing. But please do not keep sending us a million announcements of the same thing for weeks.

We here at the Dose love music in general and local bands in particular. We hear from more of you than we can possibly respond to, but we do keep you in mind for that photo in the ‘Weekend in Music’ post. We favor action/performance pix of local musicians and happily credit the photographer whenever a name is attached.

Thank you all for your help, and if we missed your event please try again. Sometimes we all just get busy. And let’s face it, we tend to write about what interests us, so be interesting!

(Artsy-fartsy photo taken by Beth Comery on the RISD steps off Benefit Street)

One thought on “How To Send Us A Press Release”

  1. Lisa says:

    Beth – Love that picture. I know exactly where that is and tried to take a picture of it myself the other week but it ddn’t come out as good as yours.

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