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Who Wants To Hear Rock At 7AM Sunday Morning

blackstone boulevardOr Sugar Ray. . . ever?  The Dose received several press releases for this weird Sunday morning hybrid event, but as soon as I saw the word ‘marathon’ I took a pass. But now that I see the race described — and examine the road map (ProJo) — I have to think that some Providence residents are going to be a little bit cranky about this. (Not the least of which, the people who have just gone to bed because they were out late Saturday night seeing bands in the clubs and bars where they belong.) Ten or so band stages are to be dotted along the marathon route — downtown, East Side, Fox Point — to entertain the runners as they pass by, and nearby residents as they sleep, starting at 7am. Produced by a California marketing firm, the event culminates with a 9:30am performance downtown at Station Park by Sugar Ray featuring the odious Mark McGrath. At the very least consider this a traffic advisory; marathoners have four hours to complete the course.

[Additional Update: There is a ‘correction’ in today’s (Friday) Providence Journal (hard copy) regarding the map for Sunday’s marathon. The route on the new version of the map no longer includes the intersection of Olney and Camp Streets, so the original image for this post has been swapped out. Blackstone Boulevard is still on the route, as is Hillside Avenue, President Avenue, and Alfred Stone Road. Rise and shine.]

Original image.

olney at camp

4 thoughts on “Who Wants To Hear Rock At 7AM Sunday Morning”

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  3. Peter VE says:

    I think we should get together to hire the ERB to serenade the people who approved this at about 5:30 some morning.

  4. mari says:

    This should never have been approved. It is wrong on so many levels–the noise, the interference with people’s ability to get to (& hear) church services on a Sunday morning; the course that traps people in the neighborhood; the fact that there hasn’t even been notice to those of us who live near the course. It would be bad enough with notice on some afternoon, but to do this at 7 am is inexcusable.

  5. Shawn says:

    Yeah, that event can go screw. It’s a stupid idea and completely unnecessary…as you can tell by the list of bands participating. Everyone of note took a pass on this one.

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