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Anti-Bullying Song Comes To Life In New Video

Who invented dodge ball anyway — and how can we make his life totally miserable? (Okay okay, that’s not the right attitude.)

“To All You Guys” — an anti-bullying song written by area singer/songwriter, and founding member of the Cautions, Eric Barao — is now a charming and inspiring video. The song came to the attention of the Narragansett Prevention Partnership who found its message timely and a collaboration was born. Working with videographer S.J. Barao (and hoping Dad would have his back, young Barao still being more or less locker-sized himself) Eric took over Narragansett High School for a day, directing a cast of area students who re-enacted bullying in all its various forms. He got some excellent performances out of these students. The song is beautiful, written from the heart and pretty clearly first-hand experience.

(And those dodge ball scenes are not CGI . . . that’s really happening. Barao performed all his own stunts.)